Loneliness is ‘hidden killer’ of elderly could counselling help?

The BBC News reports a story entitled, ” Loneliness is the “hidden killer” of elderly people. A group of charities is launching the Campaign to End Loneliness. It warns that lonely older people are at increased risk of depression, lack of exercise and bad diet. The campaign says that almost one in 10 elderly people suffers from “intense” loneliness. The campaign group wants loneliness to be recognised as a public health issue – and has published a survey claiming that fewer than one in five people is aware of the link between poor health and loneliness. I am very concious when people come to counselling that lonliness is a very common theme. Counselling can help people to reconnect with others by building on self confidence and self esteeem. Its always worth finding out if this maybe an option for you and how talking with a counsellor can help.

The full story is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-12324231

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