Simply Meditation Course Somerset

When life becomes busy and demanding you may find yourself craving some calm and relaxation. Simply Meditation is a three-hour course, which aims to teach you how to meditate.

Meditation is a life skill, which can be easily learnt and practised. This course offers a down to earth approach with practical benefits. Some people find meditation can bring – a clearer and more creative mind, increased effectiveness, clarity of thought, help with sleep, improved health, broader awareness, greater happiness and an inner state of calm.

Becky Wright is the course teacher and started teaching meditation in 1998. Her work led to an eight-year appointment to teach at HMP Shepton Mallet Prison. She now has a vibrant counselling service called New Leaf Counselling, where she combines meditation techniques with counselling to help people with a range of problems and issues.

Each year we offer a Simply Meditation Course. Please get in touch to be notified of when the next course will be held. The total course costs £40 to include lunch.

You will receive a free CD with this course and emailed handouts.

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