Taunton Hosts its first Literary Festival September 2011

We are so fortunate to have Tauntons first Literary Festival. There are more than 40 events over 11 days dotted around Taunton. Many authors from around the globe are decending on Taunton to talk about their books. Here is just a taster:

Dale Templar, Human Planet
Sunday 25th September 7.30 pm
Richard Huish College, tickets £6.50 (or £5 if 3 or more tickets bought for separate events)
Dale is co-author of the Human Planet book accompanying the landmark series of which she was
the series producer. It won huge critical acclaim from the public and media, receiving 7 BAFTA
nominations, winning 2 awards for cinematography and editing. Dale has spent 22 years working
for BBC television as a producer/director and series producer. She has specialised in filming abroad
in remote, difficult and dangerous locations with both humans and wildlife, travelling to over 50
countries and to all continents including Antarctica. She has made many successful series for
BBC1 and BBC2 including:
Pacific Abyss, SAS – Are You Tough Enough?, Correspondent, This
and Vet Safari.


Congratulations Lionel of Brendon Books on having a great idea and getting on with it to make it a reality.

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