Bringing together Business and Wildlife

Bringing together Business and Wildlife

New Leaf has been having a very exciting week at Rumwell. Monday evening Chris Sperring from the Hawk and Owl Trust came to Rumwell with the aim of advising us on how we can create here a place thrive and for the wildlife to develop.

Representatives from Taunton Beekepers, Amicus Solicitors and BJ Dixon Walsh and Huntspill Projects joined us to stroll around the grounds and look at what we could develop here. The sound of a buzzard accompanied our tour.

Chris took one look at the intermittent hedgerow and described how by making it longer without gaps and planting hawthorn, blackthorn and hazel we could create a wildlife haven. By allowing a strip of half a meter to the edge of the grass to be planted with wildflower would create enough space for butterflies, bees and other wildlife to thrive.

His knowledge on owls was unsurpassable, he spoke of creating two owl boxes ready for Tawny Owls to live. The owl boxes needed to be placed away from a south westerly wind. He explained how the owl will show the female a range of places to nest and its here choice as to where they end up. This did make me smile. We could also think about putting in an owl cam so we can watch the house become habited and develop into a Tawny Owl home.

In terms of bat boxes he proposed placing them in a cluster of three or four so they can roost together. There is also space for many bird boxes here which the Huntspill Project are going to supply and a Kestrel box facing out over the nearby field would work well.

He was most excited at the small area of wasteland and wanted more areas to just be left full of brambles so the wildlife can take over.

Our lovely pond here at Rumwell, cleaned by Shirley, Alex, Alison and myself he wasn’t too impressed with as its full of fish. He proposed a second pond so that frogs, newts and toads can have a lovely home.

He then made me feel very guilty when he described how its important to feed birds all year round. I have always left them to fend in the Summer months but started feeding in the winter. Chris described how birds during the breeding season would have adjusted to depend on my source of food I provide. Alison is busy organising a feeding station for the birds at Rumwell.

Chris shared some lovely stories of his experience with wildlife and his passion for the local Hawk and Owl Trust. I felt very heartened at his encouragement about how Rumwell can be a place for events but also be in harmony with a wildlife haven.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and to BJ Dixon Walsh and Amicus who are supporting this initiative.

Shirley, Alison and Becky pond clearing at Rumwell.

To see all the photographs please visit the New Leaf Facebook page

Chris Sperring at New Leaf Offices


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