New Leaf Coaching Featured in Psychologies Magazine November issue

New Leaf Coaching Featured

This morning was very exciting picking up a copy of Psychologies Magazine and seeing New Leaf featured on a piece about changing the way you feel about money. Marianne Curphey an experienced journalist asked if I would be prepared to offer some Life coaching to Liz Blizzard to help her make changes in her life and enable a better work life balance.

Liz says in the story that she was surprised at how emotions were deeply connected with her views and values associated with money. Liz admits she is a perfectionist to the point where she feels guilty if she takes time out of running her business to spend and enjoy her money.

With only one session of Life Coaching Liz tells very honestly of the changes she feels she has made to reduce the stress in her life and enjoy her money more. (Pg 74 Psychologies Magazine).

I was also invited to write some steps to help you change the way you feel about money. Im so pleased with the finished article and offer great thanks to Liz who knew her photo and information would be published. Its a very courageous step to inspire others with her story. Let me know what you think when you get chance to read it. A big thank you also to Marianne Curphey who wrote the pice and dealt with it very sensitively.

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