New Leaf Report shows excellent results for NHS Staff

In 2010 Becky Wright from New Leaf Life Design was given the opportunity to work with staff from Whittington Health NHS and help them embed the skills learnt on a previous behaviour change training programme. She spent time observing them within their clinics and community settings helping them work with specific motivational interviewing techniques and behaviour change skills.

The evaluation report showed  100% of participants who worked with Becky agreed that they now felt confident raising health promotion issues with treatment resistant clients, and that they now used specific behaviour change techniques such as actively using language as a tool with clients to effect their behaviour. The results from line manager evaluations also showed a significant impact from the programme.

Maria da Silva Chief Operating Officer at Whittington Health said in the reports foreword,

“We are thrilled with the results of the pilot. Staff  have clearly benefitted, both by increasing the range of practical skills they now have at their disposal, and the   confidence they feel they have to incorporate these skills and techniques into their daily practice. We are very grateful to Becky Wright of New Leaf for her thoughtful and thorough  approach, and hope that the impact of the programme will continue to be felt not  just amongst participants, but amongst their colleagues and their patients.”

To help staff develop the motivational interviewing skills learnt into their particular clinical work area allowed the development of greater confidence and help them to:

  • Raise health issues with treatment resisitant patients.
  • Bring up difficult topics with service users whilst retaining the relationship
  • Understand and embed behavioural change philosophy
  • Use where appropriate motivational and CBT approaches to help in becoming an agent of change for health improvement.
  • Develop communication skills to help patients make changes
  • Promote self  management strategies
  • Increase their understanding of Motivational Interviewing techniques

Im delighted the feedback from this evaluation has been so positive.  To read the full report please see here:


Thanks to Josephine Middleton – Evaluator, Belinda Hemingway Health Promotion Strategist and Mary Price Health, Wellbeing and Long – term Conditions Improvement Manager Whittington Health NHS and for all the staff who allowed me to work with them.

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