Managing Anger at Christmas Top Tips from New Leaf

Top Anger Management Tips for Christmas

1. Remote Control Anger.  Try to organise the TV guide for Xmas so that in advance you have agreed viewing times and space when there is no TV.

2. Expectations.  If others have expectations of how Christmas should be then get them involved in making it so.

3. Preparation.  Try and do as much preparation as possible Christmas Eve so on the day you don’t have to run yourself into the day and get stressed.

4. Loss and Grief Remember who is no longer with us, light a candle for them and maybe give someone a call who could be on their own, its easy to put it off, to think they don’t want to talk or think it may upset them.

5. Support . Use your support network, give someone a call to let off steam so your anger doesn’t get out of control.

6. Opinions – Remember opinions are not facts they are just opinions, they are just what other people think. Using a sandwich analogy to respond can help like, ” I appreciate that is your opinion(bread) , I don’t share that view (filling) but I understand that we are all different!”

7. Taking things personally . Remember what others say is about their reality and is right for them. We can easily over personalise Christmas making the day an extension of ourselves. Try and separate the two.

8. Simmering – Anger can simmer and you can often hold a grudge based on previous experiences of Christmas.  Try and remain in the moment rather than dig up history or project the future.

9. Alcohol – If control is a problem then alcohol will only exacerbate the problem and can lead to loss of control.

10. Getting it right – If things are not going to plan remember you do have another 364 days in the year its just another day. Getting perspective is good.

Lastly prevention is better than cure. New Leaf provides counselling to help people explore their anger and process the feelings and experiences that can fuel anger. We don’t however work perpetrators of with domestic violence. If you feel counselling may help you then please give Becky a call on 07590684888 we have counsellors throughout Somerset.

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