Counselling and Coaching: A Collision or Collaboration?

I am delighted to have been asked to present an evening talk entitled Counselling and Coaching: A Collision or Collaboration?

TAP (Taunton Association of Psychodynamics) provide monthly talks in Taunton suitable for counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, nurses, clergy, doctors and people with a purely personal interest.

On the 18th May I hope to explore the transition of moving from counsellor into coach and have offered for following description of the talk.

Personal Coaches have become a popular source of psychological support. Perhaps coaches are more comfortable than counsellors at seeing their services as a brand to market. Becky Wright is a psychotherapist who also has a thriving coaching practice, New Leaf Life Design. She offers a personal perspective on making the transition from counsellor to coach, the tensions and overlaps and how to develop your practice to encompass coaching which will not involve you having to become a guru of social media or indeed need to turn everything you do into a masterclass for others.

The TAP Programme can be downloaded here it would be great to see you there and please have a look at the very interesting range of speakers.

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