Counselling and Coaching a Collision or Collaboration Talk Taunton 18th May

I have been busy working on my talk due to be delivered for TAP on Friday 18th May in The United Reform Church Taunton 7.30pm to start at 7.45pm.

The talk aims to cover

  • Brief History of coaching
  • Personal perspective on making the transition from counsellor to coach,
  • The tensions and overlaps – collision and collaboration
  • How to develop your practice to encompass coaching which will not involve you having to become a guru of social media or indeed need to turn everything you do into a masterclass for others.
  • New Leaf future ideas of coaching.

New Leaf is working hard on a new model of coaching based initially on a fractal design created by Shane Whitehead a local artist. Mathematician Mandelbrot derived the term “fractal” from the Latin verb frangere, meaning to break or fragment. Basically, a fractal is any pattern that reveals greater complexity as it is enlarged. Thus, fractals graphically portray the notion of “worlds within worlds” which has obsessed Western culture from its tenth-century beginnings. This model will be like a fractal of nature, it will all be contained within but it has an infinate design, purpose and way of working.

In the future so many changes will be happening, the way we work, the way we relate to each other, the ways we communicate. As coaches and therapists I hope this model will help us understand these complexities and our businesses have neglected the “human” side of business, thereby creating a hole for “coaching” to fill. I would like this model to reshape this balance. In my talk I will be offering a new futuristic perspective and a very brief into to the new model.

Stated by Vikki Brock, “From my perspective I see a future for coaching as the worldview on how people communicate with each other – using all the tools and skills of coaching in all aspects of their lives. That said, I’m not sure coaching needs to become a profession as we know it today. I want to see coaching become woven into the tapestry of life (much as the Professional and Personal Coaches Association foresaw in 1997), much as psychology has become woven into the fabric of living.

It would be great if any counsellors, coaches reading this may like to come and join me, it would be great to see you there and would always value your support even if to steady my nerves.

Talk costs £7 to non members there is a concessional rate of £3.50

New Leaf Future of Therapist and Coach


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