Social Media Masterclass Becky’s Version

I was delighted to be a participant at the Social Media Masterclass at Dillington House. I’ve decided to write in my own words with a few quotes and links to the parts that I thought you may find interesting and I hope help you within your own business.

The most inspiring speaker for me was Dr Peter Cochrane. He spoke about our accelerating technology and how change is the new constant form. Im going to take some of his thoughts into my own talk due to be delivered on 18th May 2012.

So how can we keep up? We can no longer think of things in isolation everything is connected he say the future as an investment in solutions and that innovation was the key to this. He encouraged us within workplaces to create spaces where we can share ideas, be creative together and work collectively to find solutions. Something New Leaf is already developing with our Conscious Business Model.

He said, “To survive and prosper in the long term we have to embrace new opportunities that span the worlds of the organic, inorganic and technology, with base solutions that are holistic and resilient, and our core mission from now on has to be
More from Less for More and More People and not: More from Less for The Few

He goes onto say….. “How do we achieve this?  First; we only have one visible route to sustainability, which is at the intersection of IT, nano and bio-tech.  The ability to manipulate materials at a molecular and atomic level, and to programme their behaviours, opens up new avenues that use minimal energy and achieve nearly 100% reuse of materials.  At a simple level the first car was printed last November, and we can now 3D print adjustable spanners and gearboxes in one pass.  No multiple parts to be assembled, but a single integrated process. ”

I enjoyed hearing him relate this to how we have to develop Agile, free thinking, multi-role and multi-talented people/organisations where staff are trained in many different areas to the linear line of education starts to shift. we become multicomplex so we can deal with the certainty of change.

He showed a photograph of the Pope using an iPad and quoted his tweet on 24/01/12 which said “all of us are in search of truth and we share this profound yearning today more than ever….When people exchange information, they are already sharing themselves, their view of the world, their hopes, their ideals” (Message for the 2011 World Day of Communications). I did notice on twitter that the pope doesn’t follow anyone is that symbolic?

He went onto to talk about how thermodynamics nano biology and artificial intelligence is very much where we need to be focussing our attention. He lost me a bit then although I do realise that Physics tells us that all moments exist equally, at once it’s only our perception that distinguishes the present from the past or future. Einstein wrote, “[We] physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

Other top tips from the day.

  • Pin interest  it’s like a giant pin board Pinterest geared towards the artistic/crafty types people who enjoy making things and watching other people make things.
  • Social mention worth checking out to see your influence on social media.
  • Yasiv allows you to look at what else your customers viewed have a look at this which shows what viewers of a new leaf video testimonial viewed. Http://
  • was recommended as a way to check your influence in social media.
  • Page titles need key words in them
  • News pages are the new SEO or search engine optimisation
  • Use social data for social purpose. Think about how can we be more social? How can we use this data to help us understand our customers which help us interact with our customers. We use it to add value. What can you give away on social media for free?
  • Join this is not new as formed in 2004 but it’s a good place to share your creative videos.
  • When writing social media remember the rule of thirds one third about you, one, one third point to interesting things, offers stories etc, one third promote what you do. This keeps the balance.
  • Some great social media statistics. Http://

Websites from the speakers

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