Looking Forward Looking back our 1st Birthday

The launch day at Rumwell HallIts hard to beleive that we have been at Rumwell Hall Business Community a year. Its made me reflect on the life cycle of New Leaf Life Design and how each day I look out onto the mighty oak tree which stands in the grounds here.

The acorn is a symbol of strength and power. In the Autumn, tiny acorns drop from the oak trees to land on the ground. Most will be eaten by passing wildlife, but a few will survive to form a new tree in the spring. Because the acorn only appears on a fully mature oak, it is often considered a symbol of the patience needed to attain goals over long periods of time. It represents perseverance and hard work.

This year has definately been perserverence and hard work. We have changed our shape as a company and become New Leaf Life Design. We now have eight associate counsellors joining us and in the past two months we now have two new associate therapist / coaches so we can more easily cover Somerset.

We have aimed to build economic, social and environmental sustainability into everything we do as part of the innovation design of our company. New Leaf is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the local environment through a community engagement policy and this year has seen us develop closer links with Taunton Beekeepers and Cannington College who have been helping with the Holy Well restoration work. We were also delighted to have Chris Sperring join us to help locate our bird, bat and owl boxes. This work brought together the community here at Rumwell Hall.

I have wanted New Leaf to become like an eco system in its capacity to absorb distrurbances and life challenges and still provide services which offer clients a meaningful way of redesigining their lives. We have kept our costs for counselling the same for the past five years but noticed a shift in clients being able to afford weekly sessions to move to more fourtnighly frequency. We have offered local companies more affordable employee assistence programmes and our counselling services costing up to 30% less than our competitors. This affordable option means we are more reliant on clients paying on time and a greater quantity through our doors. Being at Rumwell Hall has meant more presence for us within the local business community and we hope will lead to greater use of our services in the future.

We have looked towards more collaborative working and encouraged where possible for buisness to become mutually supportive offering much time and support to our colleagues who we are aware are also finding these economic times challenging. It has been very heartwarming the support we have been offered and the many exchanges of skills and ideas which have taken place.

Looking forwards we would like to develop some Bee Happy workshops and courses covering many areas of life where people want support and life development. We will also be working towards a Profit through Ethics kite mark to show our credible responsibility information and intention for the future. We aim to establish a Conscious Business Group and hope to be successful in our Creative Industries bid to work with more visual artists to help them improve their businesses.

So thank you to everyone who has made this year so memorable or clients, colleagues, associates and the Rumwell Hall Community.

Here are a few pictures from the year many more are on our facebook page.

New Leaf Life Design Sign

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