The Importance of Creating your Den in life.

The National Trust name building your den as one of the 50 things we should do before we are 12 years old. Dens have always have fascinated me. When I go running I am intrigued as I pass the vast tree trunks where other animals have built their hideaways and children have created their dens.

Building a den in the woodsThis got me thinking about our own dens and what they might mean to us as adults. I realise the whole, ‘man and his shed,’ philosophy but more recently research has shown that,”the humble garden shed has an even more valuable role – it could actually help men live longer, according to a health expert.

The therapeutic effects of pottering around doing odd jobs relieves stress, which lowers blood pressure, and even boosts self-esteem.” Read more:  We even have a National Shed Week here is a pic of last years winner! Creating your own space where you can go and reflect on the world is such an important part of staying well. I often think this doesn’t need to be a shed or den it could just be 5 minutes of time where you sit with your internal den like space and drop into yourself. I often suggest to clients that they can imagine sitting in a comfy arm chair in the back of their own heads looking out. Just taking a few minutes to create your own internal den can allow you to reconnect

I just focus on my breathing for two minutes. Just the in- and outbreath and nothing else. Like a mini meditation.

Or I spend two minutes just taking in what is right here right now. The noises in the room maybe feeling the sunlight through the window that warms me or listen to the noise of the traffic going by outside. Use all your senses to just focus on what is happening around you right now and nothing else. By doing so you can just bring yourself into the here and now rather than the past or future.

Failing this I dont see why we should only encourage under 12s to build a den go out there and build one yourself. Send me a photo.

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