Being Confident in Uncertain Times with Business

Many of my readers are sole traders or have small businesses and can im sure be experiencing anxiety in times of such transition and change. It can be challenging to think about growth when things in this world as so frighteningly unpredictable and uncertain.

Our business environment is unpredictable, it is also reliant upon a new, surprisingly fragile network of  information flows. In a good way it means that our busineeeses have new resources and markets that seemed impossible years ago, now can be accessed however the downside is a small financial shock somewhere in the world can effect our business overnight.

Its important to recognise how you respond both internally and externally to financial challenges. If your someone who will often become more anxious and reactive at these times in life than this can mean that internally you close down. You stop listening out for new opportunities and instead you become more withdrawn. Our companies are often a reflection of our own psyche. When we are more positive and put this energy into our daily work then money often goes where energy flows. I see this with my own company New Leaf Life Design all the time. The more I feel confident the more we attract work and grow.

Fear around uncertainty is realistic but what we can change is our relationship to the fear we are experiencing. I sometimes imagine it like an uninvited guest who I have to build some relationship with until it decides to leave or I take control and ask it to leave. I often find that the more fear takes a grip the more we can feel seperate from others in business. If we can shift from this place internaly you often find that you can then feel much more part of a bigger business community and more able to ride the waves of uncertainty. Sometimes I find when we let got of uncertainty we can become more open, curious and willing to embrace this paradox. This to me is the Being of Business.

I often work with businesses using Workplace Coaching as a way of helping individuals and organisation manage change and transition. Call Becky on 07590 684888

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