Motivation and weight loss how to get on with it!

It’s Monday morning and the start of a new week. I often find this in itself a motivating factor. I find the subject of motivation fascinating. Are we motivated because we want something or are we motivated because we add an incentive to the outcome?

Think for a moment – what was the last thing about which you felt motivated? Is motivation the drive which encourages you to feel or to move into action.

I like the idea it can be the reason for action in our lives


This led me to consider what are our motives for change in our lives? Whats moves us into action. I meet many people who wish to loose weight but lack the motivation to do so. They will often find something triggers them to change. Maybe a photograph someone has taken of them and they hardly recognised themselves as the person in the picture. It is as if the motivation comes from the image of the person they see is far from whom they wish to be! This leads them to motivate themselves!

I realise in life I need friends and families encouragement but most of all I need to feel self motivated. I like to encourage people to look at their own reasons for change that gives them total control of the situation.

I was speaking with my best mate at the weekend who is following the NHS audio series called , “Couch to 5K running plan.” This audio running plan to go from couch to running 5K or (30 minutes) in just nine weeks. You just download the podcasts, find your trainers and off you go! What a brilliant idea to have that supportive voice in your ear. After much discussion we both decided to have a joint goal an opportunity to celebrate our success together when we have both lost 7lbs. Each week I go to Rosemary Conley Class it’s a place where I meet others and have myself weighed, its always a positive self motivating experience. I realised this morning what I have been lacking is a clear reward goal and this has now been re-established with my friend and already it feels like im motivated.

Here are some top tips for you to help get you motivated this wee and develop a positive mental attitude.

  • You need to have a goal
  • Write them down
  • Stop making excuses
  • Remove temptation
  • Be persistent ( failure cannot live with persistence)
  • Mix with positive people
  • Avoid negative people
  • Picture yourself succeeding, get a photograph of you when you were happiest and place it in a central place where you see it every day.
  • Develop the habit of enthusiasm
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Measure your success ( get your tape measure out)
  • It is your desire to be slim not our ability that determines your success.
  • Do 30 mins exercise each day.
  • Change the internal voice to, “ I can loose weight.” this is positive self talk
  • Be prepared to start again and choose your restart date.
  • Join a class

So lets get on with it and let me know how you get on!

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