Taunton Bring out the Warrior Queen in you

The Way of the Warrior exhibition is currently at The Museum of Somerset finishing on 29th September. It was amazing to see the arms, amour andCostume worn by Axelle Carolyn a Pictish Femael Archer props from some of the biggest blockbuster movies ever made. I became very interested in Aerons Pictish Warrior costume depicting a female warriors battle outfit in Celtic style.

I left the exhibition thinking about who a modern day female warrior might be. I often feel inspired by clients who have picked up the gauntlet and taken a stand on an issue, this might be within their relationship, at work or with their teenage children. I have also met incredible women who have businesses that survive because at times they have had to take the warrior stance. These women warriors are fiercely feminine and fully equipped with more powerful energy, creative inspiration, deep intuition, knowing, and vision – I love the fact that all the time there are new platforms being created where women can truly start to shine.

I discovered when doing some research on female warriors in history that Taunton was destroyed by Queen Aethlburh. She is usually identified as the wife of Ine, king of the West Saxons, who reigned from 688 to 726. Why she destroyed Taunton is something of a mystery. Whatever happened there in 722, the Chronicle implies that the fortress was attacked by a military force led by Aethelburh. This at once makes her special and unusual, like an 8th century Boudica. Warrior queens were rare in this period.

To be a warrior queen I feel we need to be strong internally and brave. I often think that courage is like a muscle we need to keep using it to make it stronger. The phrase ive had in my head all week which will make you smile is “Todays mighty oak is just yesterdays nut that held its ground.”

by Hannah aged 14 The Museum of Somerset

I will leave you with a brilliant drawing created by Hannah aged 14 at The Museum of Somerset entitled Gok Wan Roman Man.





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