What to do if your business email is used as spoofing

Spoofing wasn’t a term I knew much about until all of a sudden my business email address was being used to complete forms. It’s apparently a trick used by spammers. Spammers need a return address for their spam messages but they don’t want to use their own address for fear of being caught. Also, since so many spam messages get bounced, the spammer doesn’t want to receive thousands of bounce messages.

It is very bizarre and the comments left by the spammer say things like:

“How prescient!  Today I\’m trniyg out my first pair of jeggings (definitely more the legging-like variety) and decided that my pair certainly needs coverage or Hey Doug   I am of the opinion that refnrsaciug sounds much more modern than replacement. It’s merely a tune-up, an upgrade if you will. And, there are a number of benefits to such a procedure: more attention at airport security, imposing threats in a robotic voice to misbehaving children.” The messages are always badly spelt, make no sense.

Things became more serious when I started to see flowers had been ordered using my email address or travel plans booked and thought it was time to intervene. What was interesting was that although I found the IP address and information on where the emails were coming from neither the server company, my IT management company could do anything other than delete my business email address. This is easier said than done when its on every leaflet, business card and web site contact page.

This practice is allowed because no-one thought about it when designing the original email system that people would deliberately use a false return address. So you will know that you’ve been spoofed when you start receiving hundreds of bounce messages for emails you never sent. Your email address may become blacklisted for no fault of your own you will have to either change your email address, and make sure the old email address is set to bounce or there are some schools of thought that say wait it out and the spammers will eventually stop using it but this isn’t good for business. To me its TWOC taken without owners consent yet it seems impossible to get any aspect of the law to act and prosecute.

My decision is to take a few months changing my email [email protected] address which im still in the process of on everything and shutting it down which is taking a great deal of time and energy. I just wanted to let you guys know incase you are experiencing the same frustration and wondered what to do. Aparently not having your email address on webpages can help to prevent it in the first place but im not convinced by this.


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