How to become more resilient in life and business

I believe that to effect lasting change in your life, you need to start at the core – by building self-awareness and self-belief.  If you are able to build this at your core then you will naturally become more resilient to lifes events both personally and in business.

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So how do we develop more personal resilience in life? When I help people re-design their life we start by exploring the parts that need to strengthening. How can we bring security into our lives when the world is constantly changing. 

I would recommend focussing on the following three aspects, challenge, commitment and personal control.

According to the research of leading psychologist, Susan Kobasa, there are three elements that are essential to resilience:

Challenge – If you are a resilient person you will view a difficulty as a challenge, not as a paralysing event. You will see that lifes barriers are in fact lessons to be learnt from. They are moments when we can grow and learn from.

Commitment – I have noticed how resilient people are committed to their lives and their goals, and they have a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning. I often find that commitment isn’t just restricted to their work they also commit to their relationships, their friendships, the causes they care about.

Personal Control – Resilient people spend their time and energy focusing on situations and events that they have control over. We can spend so much time worrying about uncontrollable events so start to look at what you do have control over and what you don’t. Think about where you can place your energy where its most useful.

The good news is that even if you’re not a naturally resilient person, you can learn to develop a resilient mindset and attitude. Life coaching and counselling can help you to achieve this.

Becky from New Leaf Life Design and her team of associates provide a limitless range of services, from motivation-building programmes for companies and personal ‘Life Re-Design Packages’ using coaching and counselling.

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