Sedgemoor People view dieting in a different way

Becky Wright, Phil Martin and Bobby G

Two new weight loss programmes have been launched thanks to Sedgemoor District Council’s Community Health Fund.

The Council awarded the funding to Somerset based company, New Leaf Life Design to deliver  a health focused initiative aimed at encouraging people to get fitter, eat a more balanced diet and maintain healthy weight. The recordings also aimed to help people who comfort eat to manage their feelings.

The audio programmes called Embody Weight Loss – ‘Focus In’ and ‘Feel In’ encourage listeners to look at how they are preventing their weight loss in a number of ways.

Becky Wright the creator of the two audio programmes feels “that people are approaching weight loss in the wrong way.”

She believes that many people sabotage their weight loss without realising what they are doing and end up in a cycle which perpetuates it.  These two audio programmes will help listeners connect with their bodies in a new way and look at the emotions associated with their weight. They combine life coaching and relaxation exercises to help listeners make the changes needed to succeed.

New Leaf Life Design teamed up with Bobby G (Bucks Fizz) and Phil Martin from NBP Studios to create the recordings, with NBP Studios also composing the original music.

The two audio programmes are free to all residents living in the Sedgemoor catchment area. Copies can be obtained by applying online at

For those outside of the catchment area, copies are available via Amazon or I Tunes costing £7.99 with introductory demos available to listen below, where you can also view a video of how they were made.

Embody Weight Loss - Feel In

Introduction to Embody Weight Loss – Feel In

Introduction to Focus In

Introduction to Embody Weight Loss – Focus In


To buy a copy of FEEL IN  click here

To buy a copy of FOCUS IN  click here



View the making of the Weight Loss Programmes below:

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