The Well of Love Somerset

This Valentine’s Day why not pay a visit to St Agnes Well at Cothelstone near Bishops Lydeard. We have been restoring this beautiful place for the past 10 years together with The Heritage Lottery, The Quantock ANOB and Bridgwater College Land Based Studies Students.

Here is some romantic history …..

*Tongue notes; ‘St Agnes’ Well at Cothelstone was resorted to by lovers. This is not surprising, for St Agnes’ Eve was traditionally one for love divination.’

“It was said to have been a wishing well of considerable power, but many local people wouldn’t use it because it was also the place where mischievous pixies lived The waters are thought to be good for sore eyes and sprains, as well as for finding a husband, but only if you are not married! Once an old maid servant“coming to the end of her womanhood” did long for a husband and children. She did not wish to worry St Agnes when there were so many younger maids needing husbands. St Agnes had different ideas. When the old maid visited the well, her future husband just happened to be out walking that same night! Within a year they were married with children! The night before the feast of St Agnes (20th January) is when maidens would creep over to the well after dark to whisper their heart’s desires, hoping to see romantic visions of their future husbands!” Quote source

Dig deeper and we start to consider the connection between our most complex organ the brain with the planet’s largest feature — water.  So much in our worlds history has happened at the waters edge and perhaps in our own lives we have once stood and looked out to sea when life changes happen to us. Why can water in some mysterious way help to reconnect is with something deeper in ourselves?

Water covers more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface; 95 percent of those waters have yet to be explored. I liked this comment ” How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean,” author Arthur C. Clarke once commented.”

So on this Valentine’s Day connect with yourself, then connect with those you love then connect with the most beautiful resource on earth. If you visit this wonderful lovers well then run your hands in the lovely water and let love flow.

*Ruth Tongue Somerset Folklore and Oral Folktales of Wessex by Kingsley Palmer,

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