Becky Wright Lead Coach

MSc, Member of Association for Coaching.

Becky Wright, a full member of the Association for Coaching. She is an experienced professional life coach and executive coach who is well placed, to help both individuals and businesses. She directs the work of New Leaf Life Design and delivers Business Coaching as part of a partnership with The Castle Hostel Taunton. Becky also served on the BACP Executive board for Coaching. She is currently full and not taking on any new referrals.

Becky  is also a qualified Psychotherapist with a wide experience of helping people resolve difficulties.  She is a published author of research and has a Diploma in Counselling and a Master of Science Degree in Counselling Research awarded by the University of Bristol.

She has a particular interest in Transformational Coaching as a way of working. Experience gained over many years has developed an insight and ability to identify, evaluate and address the core issues facing people and Becky can express these in a clear, concise way to help clients make positive changes in their outlook. Her open and natural style stems from a combination of technical knowledge with a practical approach, gained over many years, including extensive work within the education arena, Military, Health, Prison, Probation and Police Service. Such experience brings great insight and expertise to teach greater self awareness, self belief and motivation to help clients implement robust lifelong and positive change in their lives.

Becky Wright is a fully accredited member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). She has presented at numerous conferences including the BACP 2011 Coaching Conference and also became a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Woman of Achievement Awards for her work in education. She was co-awarded the “Innovation in Training Award” by Pavilion Publishing. She is a Fellowship Winner with the Winston Churchill Trust and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Becky was featured in Psychologies Magazine as a successful coach

Becky is a successful business woman, she says:

“I believe my success in business and in my personal life has been because I practice and live life in a way that I encourage others to do. I have always had clear goals and the determination and commitment to achieve them. I know that each person I meet has more hidden inside than they have had the chance to explore. I know I can create the right environment to enable them to discover their full potential.”

Becky has many testimonials from clients who have used her services.

Life Coaching testimonials

Workplace Coaching results show from recent report published that

  • 100% of participants were satisfied with the coaching experience (same as 2010 and the 2009 pilot)
  • 100% would recommend the experience to a colleague (same as 2010 and the 2009 pilot)

Video testimonials from her work with NHS Staff show improved results.

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