Life Design – new approach to Employee Assistance Programmes

Life Design Benefits

LIFE DESIGN is a revolutionary new approach to traditional,    out-dated Employee Assistance Programmes.

Uniquely fusing the professions of counselling and coaching, it addresses many of the ‘people problems’ faced by employers in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.


Today we are all under considerable pressure to perform, whether in personal aspects of our lives or in  the workplace. This pressure can damage our relationships with friends and family whilst under-achievement at work can influence our earning potential. Both impact on our lifestyle choices and living standards. At times it can feel like a vicious circle that we simply don’t feel strong enough to break. When this begins to impact on our employer’s bottom line, many businesses offer reactive support to their employees; a plaster to try and hold it all together. At this time everyone is suffering as a consequence. Morale drops, productivity falls, sickness levels increase and unhealthy staff turnover can stress even the best of teams.

NEW LEAF OFFERS a well respected, professional, confidential COUNSELLING & COACHING service

  • Proactive, practical help with stress management and other poor wellbeing related outcomes
  • A service designed for your company’s individual needs
  • A pay-as-you-go model – no long-term contracts or retainers
  • A company that is Trading Standards approved
  • A fully qualified, well experienced team ready to help you, when you need it!
  • Motivational Talks to keep your workforce well


  • Has built economic, social and environmental sustainability into the core of the company; we have a GREEN HEART.
  • Encourages clients to become part of a LIFE DESIGN process which is based on caring for ourselves in balance with our environment.
  • Believes in doing business through collaboration, authenticity and offering the personal touch to our services.


Having listened to the companies and individuals we work with, we have produced a completely new type of package for SMEs and micro-providers called LIFE DESIGN. It offers an alternative route, one that prevents the ups and downs that reactive responses inevitably deliver, and where the company and individual don’t have to suffer before action is taken. LIFE DESIGN will help stabilise your workplace and bring with it real financial benefits and a much improved working environment for all.


Traditionally, a distinction has been made between counselling and coaching that has, for the most part, meant that clients are treated very differently, depending which service they choose. “Having recognised that the needs of our clients have changed, it was time to design something for the problems, situations and pressures that sit around today’s new society and its demands.” We cannot hide from the fact that the world is changing and we are changing with it; LIFE DESIGN is an acknowledgment of the need for a much more integrated and holistic form of therapy, which brings a combination of the two disciplines into a structured and carefully devised approach to finding solutions. Integrating counselling and coaching in a very new way, LIFE DESIGN offers a creative platform to help your employees achieve their goals and/or specific desired improvements.


  • Strengthen their ability to manage stress
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Cope with uncertainty and change
  • Manage more effectively
  • Develop leadership skills and their personal productivity Undertake change and transition
  • Tap into a place where new strength can emerge
  • Develop new business ideas by stimulating creative thinking

We support and enable individuals and organisations that are: Designing a new life.

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