Family Problems

Dealing with Family Problems in modern life

The stresses and strains of modern life put a great deal of pressure on families and the different relationships within them.  Family problems are not unusual – the main problem is that everyone in the family is affected.

Family problems include frequent arguments between members, poor communication and over-dependency on your partner or other family members.  The combination of one or more of these creates a very destructive environment within the home.  It is important, especially where children are involved, to deal with problems and resolve issues and learn to create a more positive and harmonious atmosphere.

The counsellors at New Leaf can help you examine your family situation, identify problems and provide you with new strategies to deal with the tensions and stress.  This can help the whole family work towards communal goals.

“Counselling at New Leaf made me realise that I am not responsible for how other people feel and I am not responsible for the way they act towards me when they are angry, upset or abusive.  They choose to act that way.  I can choose to respond in a different way.  Facing up to me was the most difficult bit!  In terms of change – understanding myself, starting to be truthful about how I feel about other people instead of hiding my feelings just to get along.  I experienced being relaxed and supported (both in and out of sessions).  I never felt pushed but experienced honesty.”

New Leaf can also offer employee counselling where you talk through family problems and issues – this can provide a wider perspective of family dynamics and allow you the space to see how better to respond to each individual family member, taking into account the issues they each have to address.

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