Relationship Problem Counselling Somerset

Do you often think “Here we go again”? Or “Why am I reacting like this”?

We know from many examples we see in the world of “celebrity” that having a successful relationship is not easy, in fact, it is often hard work. If you recognise that you need help, relationship counselling may be the answer.

The key to a successful relationship is communication.  At New Leaf our counsellors can help you examine your relationship with your partner and identify the reasons for the difficulties that you may be having.  It will help you recognise destructive patterns that may have been established between you and your partner and teach you how to change these in order to move forward and improve the relationship.

“The Relationship Counselling at New Leaf helped me to keep my man, grow as a person emotionally and provide foundations for me to reflect on behaviour going forward.”

New Leaf’s Relationship Counselling will help you show you how to approach your communication with your partner in a positive way – often very different from that which has become “normal”. You may also find that individual counselling can also help both parties in the relationship build confidence and self-esteem, which can be very low in these situations. We currently have three couple counsellors working with New Leaf.

“I am less angry, talking more and can see the problem before it can get worse.  Changes have been communication with the wife and with other family members.  I would recommend counselling to others.”

We also realise, however, that some people find it very difficult to leave behind a relationship that has ended and talking with a counsellor from New Leaf could alleviate the pain and help you begin to move forward in a positive frame of mind. Couple Counselling is available in Taunton but this is only via your employer we do not offer private counselling.

We are unable to offer support within abusive relationships. This service is provided by Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service.  The telephone number for the new service is 0800 69 49 999

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