Stress At Work

Most people spend a great deal of their life at work.  Those who work in a job that they find satisfying and rewarding usually benefit from a sense of achievement and improved self-esteem.  However, many people find themselves in difficult situations that are far from ideal and this often leads to stress.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) produced a report on Mental Wellbeing at Work in November 2009.  This highlighted the following:

Work has an important role in promoting mental wellbeing. It is an important determinant of self-esteem and identity. It can provide a sense of fulfillment and opportunities for social interaction. … Work can also have negative effects on mental health, particularly in the form of stress.

Working environments that pose risks for mental and physical well-being put high demands on a person without giving them sufficient control and support to manage those demands. A perceived imbalance between the effort required and the rewards of the job can lead to stress. A sense of injustice and unfairness arising from management processes or personal relationships can also increase stress and risks to mental health.

New Leaf are currently working with five employee assistance programmes – where the employer provides a counselling service for their employees.  Click through to the EAP page for more detailed information on this service.

Unfortunately many people do not have this service available to them but in these cases private counselling is available.

New Leaf offers counselling which can help you with stress, depression, anger and frustration that arise from situations that are work related.  Our counsellors have a great deal of experience of working with people who sadly find themselves in these difficult situations.

“The best I thing I can say to anyone considering it is, try it for yourself.  I went to New Leaf with work related stress and was opened up to things I had hidden for years.  After the initial shock, I never felt as though I was in therapy.  I was never pushed for it to be anything other that what I wanted it to be, and I never knew what I wanted.  It felt right, and it really did work for me.  I feel so fortunate to have found the courage to go.”

Stress at work can take many forms and lead to ill-health and loss of self-confidence. New Leaf will help you explore your problems in a confidential, non-judgmental way. The counselling offered by New Leaf can help you to see issues more clearly and work through your feelings and thoughts in a way that brings clarity to the difficulties affecting you.

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