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Becky Wright

MSc | PGdip Couns

Becky Wright is a qualified counsellor with a wide experience of helping people resolve difficulties.  She has a Diploma in Counselling and holds a Master of Science Degree in Counselling Research awarded by the University of Bristol.

Much of Becky Wright’s experience has grown from her work within the prison service.  Involved in teaching assertiveness, drug, alcohol and stress management courses to inmates, she also delivered Post Traumatic Stress Counselling to Somerset Probation Service Offenders.

Becky Wright is a Senior Accredited member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), she is bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Ethical Guidelines for Researching Counselling and Psychotherapy (where practitioners undertake research) and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure for the time being in force.

Becky presented her work entitled “Anger management through peer education a new approach” at the Howard League Conference for Penal Reform.  In 1998 she presented a similar workshop at the NACROS conference in Sheffield entitled Youth 2000.  Becky also became a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Woman of Achievement Awards in 1999 for her work in education.  In 2000 she was co-awarded the, “Innovation in Training Award,” by Pavilion Publishing for her co-authored pack entitled, “ Get Sorted with Drugs & Alcohol.”

Becky has presented at the BACP Coaching Conference in London June 2011

Becky is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Winston Churchill Trust.

Jan Walker

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Jan is a practicing Psychotherapist working with individuals and couples for long or short term Psychotherapy. Her approach uses psychodynamic principals to help in understanding how we got to the place we are in and the patterns we have created along the way in relating to others. Jan believes it is through the therapeutic relationship that possibilities begin to arise for looking at new, healthier ways of relating to others.

As well as New Leaf, Jan also works for Relate in Wiltshire and Avon supervising counsellors working with young people in schools.

With more than 17 years experience of working with families and supporting professional staff as a manager and consultant working for large Children’s Charities in Children Centres, Jan is also able to support and empower parents who are struggling to manage their children’s challenging behaviour.

Jan’s initial counselling training was psychodynamic, followed by a Foundation year in Family Therapy and in 1997 she trained with The Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling and gained the Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.

Lyn Willcox

MBACP (Accred). UKRCP (Reg). P.G. Dip (Counselling)

Lyn Willcox is our Bridgwater counsellor. Her counselling room is on the Somerset Levels, which makes for an excellent listening environment.

Lyn feels its important that you feel heard and understood.  Transporting yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life to the relaxed atmosphere of the countryside can be really beneficial. She can offer you peace and quiet, time, space and privacy to reflect and think about your life and the issues which concern you.   She works using an integrative model of counselling, this means she uses her knowledge of various therapeutic models during her counselling time with you, this gives her the freedom and flexibility to work in a way which best suits you as an individual.  By working together in a safe and secure environment Lyn believes you can examine what is concerning you and causes you distress.  Together you can identify and understand possible areas to look at more closely.

Lyn’s aim is to assist you to see your life more clearly and to help you make choices and decisions. All Lyn’s work is in compliance with the BACP’s ethical framework and guidelines and she is subject to its complaints procedure. She is a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Pschyotherapy) registered counsellor, She is also registered with UKRCP (United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

Lyn is also a counsellor at a college of further education, in addition to this she also works for two charities, the first is called SignHealth who offer counselling to Deaf clients through the use of British Sign Language, the second charity is The Long Boat Home who provide reduced fee counselling to service men/women.

Sally Barmes

UKCP registered, MBACP

Sally Barmes is our Yeovil based counsellor. She is a registered psychotherapist and counsellor and has been working in this field since 1996.  She helps clients with issues such as depression and self-esteem, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties with partners, parents and children, panic attacks, stress and anxiety, addiction and eating disorders, trauma, life changes.  She has some specialist knowledge of Asperger’s Syndrome. Having trained as an integrative body psychotherapist, she is also skilled at enabling clients to understand illness and physical pain (real and/or psychosomatic), and how breathing, posture, and movement can affect emotions and vice versa.

Sally uses a variety of methods when she works – listening and talking, dialogue work, visualisation and image-work.  She also incorporates tuition in relaxation and meditation.   Her empathy and intuition enable her to sensitively help each client explore and resolve issues in the way which suits them best personally.  She believes that many of our problems stem from long-term over-adaptation to our external world with not enough attention being paid to the truth of our internal world.  That is, we may feel we do not fit our skin, that we have learned to be people-pleasers, or that we long to be liked or fear being disliked.  We may often do things that we do not truly want to, or we may feel driven by an inner judge or critic who is running our life and thus we can, at a deep level, believe we are wrong, bad, stupid or some other variation of negativity.

In addition to her work as a psychotherapist/counsellor, Sally is also the administrator of the Dorset Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (DACAP).

Sally is registered with UKCP and is also a member of BACP and DACAP.  She receives regular supervision and continues to work on her own self-development, both individually with a therapist and by participating in twice-yearly retreats.  In this way she maintains her own emotional health and professionalism.   She continues to acquire new knowledge and skills by attending training courses and workshops.

Charlotte Clements

MBACP | UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Charlotte has always had a huge curiosity about how people’s personalities, including her own, have developed and how patterns can keep being repeated. It is from learning how to break free from these patterns and find a new healthier way of being that can help us fulfill our potential in life.

She has an MA in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling from Terapia, which is affiliated with Middlesex University. She also has a Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theoretical Perspectives from Terapia, which enables her to work with adults as well. She is accredited with UKCP and a member of BACP

Charlotte’s training was Integrative, which means she has a whole toolbox of techniques and theories to draw upon appropriate to the clients needs. She will be seeing New Leaf counselling clients from Shepton Mallet, Bath and Frome areas.

These include CBT, Art Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy amongst others.

She provides a safe, warm and non-judgmental space and generally works in a non-directive client-led way although will often suggest specific techniques if someone seems stuck with anger or grief for example. If therapy is short term she will work in a more directive, solution-focused way.

Once feelings have been expressed verbally or non-verbally (using the sand tray or art equipment for example) they can be talked about more openly, acknowledged, contained and hopefully moved on from, allowing the client to explore more healthy ways to achieve their full potential in life. Charlotte grew up in Somerset and after spending 18 years in London, training and working and gaining much experience with different client groups, has now returned to Somerset.

Charlotte has worked with children in various capacities for over 20 years, as well as working therapeutically with adults in the last couple of years. She has had a private practice with adults in Kentish Town in London and now works near Shepton Mallet.

Charlotte has experience with bereavement, depression, anger, eating disorders and self-esteem problems to name a few.

She has UKCP accreditation and is also a member of BACP, having regular supervision with a UKCP accredited supervisor.

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