Frequently Asked Questions

I will aim to answer the frequently asked questions about the counselling and coaching offered with New Leaf.

1. Do you take counselling placements at New Leaf Life Design?

Ans: No sorry , this is not a service we are able to offer. All our counsellors are fully qualified, experienced and members of accredited bodies.

2. What happens on a first session of counselling?

You will meet with your counsellor and explain more about what you would like to explore in the sessions. During the initial assessment or first session be prepared to trust your instinct because your relationship with the counsellor is at the heart of the process. You will need to feel comfortable with them. You will be asked some questions about what you would like out of counselling. The counsellor will also explain the frequency of sessions, and what happens if you cancel a session. Your employer will fund the sessions.

 3. Do you have a facebook page for counselling?

Yes, we have a page entitled Counselling Somerset. Our main Facebook page is NewLeafLifeDesign

4. Are you a Green Company?

Yes, we have restored a beautiful well called St Agnes Well at Cothelstone in Somerset. Please read about this here.

If New Leaf Life Design were an apple, corporate social responsibility would be both the core and the peel. Collaboration and increasing the strength and scope of connections between people and organisations is at the center of everything we do, it nourishes us and ensures our sustained growth, and like the apple peel itself, it is the outer skin that holds the business together and allows us to shine.

The principle upon with New Leaf is founded is one of enabling people to flourish by overcoming the issues that can affect their working life, their relationships, personal well-being and the ability to contribute positively to their community. This is achieved, of course, via the counselling and coaching services we deliver each day directly to individuals and via a number of employee assistance programmes. But we strive each year to do more than simply deliver on our promise to our paying clients; our aim is to worked in partnership with local groups and individuals to help build local economic, social and environmental sustainability and make a meaningful contribution to the people, organisations and the environment in and around Taunton Deane. In short, all New Leaf’s business practices are designed and delivered with a real and genuine determination to benefit both individual clients and the wider society within which the business operates.




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