Life Coaching in Somerset

Life Coaching offers the client the opportunity to explore, identify and set personal goals, focus on the future and devise strategies to put in place in order to achieve the goals that have been set. The coach provides support, helps you to make decisions and also to grow and develop.

“By setting goals and using a vision board I got back on track with my weight loss and exercise programme and I have remained motivated.” Laura Taunton

Becky Wright, the Life Coach at New Leaf, uses a variety of methods to enable you to work through the process of setting and reaching specific goals. It is the client who will set the goals not the practitioner. The session between coach and client is very structured and focused on specific areas of development.

“Disability threw me off track as my ideas about career development seemed impossible. Coaching helped me to reevaluate where I was, what my strengths were and how I could use those to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.” Anne Taunton

If you wish to undertake a programme of coaching, New Leaf assumes that you are psychologically healthy and do not require clinical intervention. It is not a “therapy” as such and will not seek or address deep underlying issues that may cause problems with poor motivation, low self-esteem or poor job performance. Click here to see testimonials of my work

The coaching sessions are a non-directive form of development that looks at:

  • improving performance,
  • improving productivity
  • identifying the individual’s skills
  • developing the individual’s skills
  • setting goals
  • devising plans
  • developing techniques to put plans into action
  • achieving goals within specific time-scales

“I was at a stage in my life where I knew what changes I needed to make but wasn’t sure how to move forward to get to where I wanted to be. I found the life coaching invaluable as it helped me to understand how I was reacting to situations and dealing with them and what aspects I needed to change and work on to be more effective. It has definitely helped me to feel a lot more confident especially when dealing with other people both in work and in my personal life.” Johanne Taunton

Becky can discuss personal issues where these are relevant to your performance at work. She may also spend time exploring stress and any techniques that could be used to help you deal with this in the workplace or at home.

“I found at New Leaf there was always a relaxed environment where I felt comfortable, secure and safe. It has helped me understand more about myself. My confidence has really improved and I feel better about myself. I like the idea of “life” sessions! I enjoyed the sessions despite being upset on several occasions. I found that (the process of) focusing on me and my feelings was healing and helpful. Putting thoughts into words and voicing them to someone not emotionally involved, and who didn’t judge, was great. Your quiet positive reassurance and down to earth attitude to life and its ups and downs was fab, thank you!”

The Life Coaching at New Leaf is provided by Becky Wright (hyperlink to Becky) who is a full member of the Association for Coaching. Her membership number is BYW0609M. The Association for Coaching promote excellence & ethics in coaching

New Leaf offers face to face Life Coaching sessions in Bridgwater, Somerset

For further information or to book please call 07590 684888 or email b[email protected]

Founder member of BACP Coaching Division. All testimonials are given with permission of the Life Coaching Client.

Registered with Life Coach Directory

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