Life Coaching Testimonials

Has the intervention of Life Coaching made any impact on your working life?

The intervention of Life Coaching has made a significant impact on my working life in a very positive way. Becky has been instrumental in posing the right questions that have challenged my perceptions about my abilities. In turn this has helped me to realise that I haven’t yet tapped my full potential in my current role. This has fuelled me to review some of my working practices in order to make more of an impact.

Would you recommend to another colleague and why?

I would certainly recommend Life Coaching to another colleague because the sessions are about you, what you want and how to go about achieving you goals. It’s also a way to take a closer look at limiting habits, perceptions and beliefs in a safe and non-threatening setting. If you’re not clear about what you want, then life coaching can be a great way to assist your exploration.

What do you feel the benefits of receiving life coaching are?

In one word “empowering” – Life Coaching has really helped me to come into my own. I am now more determined and motivated to take the lead in creating a better work/life balance which will inevitably enhance my performance at work and overall bring about a better quality of life. The additional bonus is that I can use my new found awareness and ways of thinking in all areas of my life.

The Life Coaching intervention has been really useful, and in some ways particularly challenging. The sessions are constructed in such a way that they are tailored to suit individuals’ needs and what they perceive as areas that need improvement, focus or clarification. There is a strong sense of balance between personal and work life, and these areas are explored in a joint fashion to focus on motivation, satisfaction and achievement across the board.

The sessions are particularly useful as they provide an opportunity to focus on yourself for a period, which is sometimes difficult to do without criticism and a biased slant. The facilitator encourages objective observation, and tries to promote a sense of self –realisation and methods to promote positivity and improvement.

I would recommend another colleague – the sessions are a valuable opportunity to identify themes and to formulate a plan of action to achieve targets that are set by yourself – in terms and phrases that are understood and achievable. These not need always be work related – and I feel this is a really important element, as things outside of work influence performance and attitude in the work place.

Life coaching is a vehicle to self achievement. The facilitator channels thoughts, feelings and behavioural pattern and can explain the effects of a particular behaviour trait, for example, and positive steps in how to correct them. It is an empowering feeling to have someone listen to you uninterrupted for set period of time and to be able to unravel this into a semblance of a plan of action, the notes prepared afterwards make you realise a certain pattern of behaviour and then you can put into practice the tips that are passed on in these sessions on how to change them in a way that feels meaningful.

On reflection, what aspects of your life has changed most noticeably since starting the Coaching Programme?


By setting goals and using a vision board I got back on track with my weight loss and exercise programme and I have remained motivated.

I am less anxious and less driven to please others before pleasing myself.

I was at a stage in my life where I knew what changes I needed to make but wasn’t sure how to move forward to get to where I wanted to be. I found the life coaching invaluable as it helped me to understand how I was reacting to situations and dealing with them and what aspects I needed to change and work on to be more effective. It has definitely helped me to feel a lot more confident especially when dealing with other people both in work and in my personal life.

How has the Coaching Programme compared with other learning and development opportunities you have been given?


This was the first time I had ever undertaken this type of personal development. Focusing on what I wanted to achieve by setting goals was extremely helpful and empowering.

Personal and focussed on areas of development.

The sessions were tailored to my own personal situation and I felt that I could be honest and open with Becky to get the most out of them. I have been on courses and read huge amounts of self help books but found that I was stuck in that although I knew all the theory I wasn’t sure how I could adapt it to move forward. It is really useful to have someone working with you on your own goals and providing you with support and guidance specifically related to you. I found it very motivational and informative and it definitely gave me the confidence to move forward in the right way.

Would you recommend life coaching with Becky Wright to others? Why?

Yes. Becky helped me unpick what I wanted to achieve and gave helpful suggestions and tools such as the visual board and goal setting. Although the purpose of my seeking life coaching was to help restore my motivation to lose weight and exercise, which it did, I found I could apply the techniques/tools to other aspects of my life.

Definitely. A change of direction from counselling and a focussed way to evaluate where you are and where you want to be even if you do not know where you want to be at the time.

I would definitely recommend Becky to others. I felt very comfortable with her and also felt that she was an expert in her field and very effective in the way she coached me to move forward.

Life coaching has been a very positive experience for me and has helped me to be more confident and happier in my life and direction. It is something that I will use again in the future.



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