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Workplace Coaching helps you determine and achieve personal and work goals. It enables you to make decisions, grow and develop as a specialist practitioner. Using multiple methods Becky Wright will help you through the process of setting and reaching specific and immediate goals. Meetings are structured and focussed on your specific needs.

Workplace Coaching is more concerned with the practical issues of setting goals and achieving results within specific time scales. It deals with the whole person experience. Becky Wright was featured in the November issue of Psychologies Magazine for her coaching work.

As a result of two years of Workplace Coaching delivered by Becky Wright for NHS Haringey / NHS Islington. 97% of the objectives chosen by the participants in their first session were met by the Workplace Coaching Programme, with nearly 60% met ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ well.

The 2010 cohort felt between 60% and 90% more positive about workplace development against all evaluation statements after five coaching sessions. In terms of personal development, responses show that the impact of the coaching programme was 100% positive.

More than 60% of line managers taking part in the evaluation saw real benefits against all outcomes ‘on the ground’, with the greatest improvement in areas such as team working, positivity, confidence and leadership. There were NO recorded negative effects. Managers noted even greater benefits for staff in the area of personal development, with positive changes of up to 85%, most particularly in morale and positivity.

Some of the comments are as follows;

“Coaching has allowed members of staff an external, ‘ safe,’ environment to discuss work concerns and consider options for self-improvement and improving motivation.”

“I found the coaching programme empowering and enabling. I approach my work with a stronger sense of purpose, working through difficult tasks in a logical and structured way.”

“Coaching has increased my awareness of my management style. It has given me the insight to deal with difficult situations.”

Please read the most recent Workplace Coaching Evaluation report. All reports are independently evaluated.

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Hear Lucretia’s story of how Workplace Coaching helped her move forwards after redundancy.

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