What is Life Design?

Traditionally, a distinction has been made between counselling and coaching.  One explanation of that distinction can be found below offered by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy of which we are a member organisation.

We wanted more for you and recognised that as the needs of our clients changed, it was time to design something for the problems, situations and pressures that sit around life today.

We cannot hide from the fact that the world is changing and we are changing with it; Life Design is the outcome of many years’ experience in both coaching and counselling. It is an acknowledgment of the need for a much more integrated and holistic form of therapy, which brings a combination of the two disciplines into a structured and carefully devised approach to finding solutions. The Life Design approach integrates counselling and coaching in a very new way by offering a creative platform to help you to achieve your goals or desired improvements. 

How Life Design Works

The model gives a creative but practical way of working with both our inner and outer realities. It helps us to connect with our inner selves and the energy in the world surrounding us that is impacting on how we think, react or behave.

This way of working can also help us to identify the deeper patterns which keep us locked in cycles of behaviour. It offers a dynamic way of moving forwards. The Life Design model gives us a vehicle to explore a range of feelings, and to understand how your past is influencing your present.

What can it help you achieve?

This approach can help with:

  • Developing emotional resilience
  • Developing your ability to manage stress, 
  • Managing people more effectively
  • Developing leadership skills, and your personal productivity
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Managing change and transition
  • Tapping into a place where new strength can emerge.
  • Developing new business ideas by stimulating your creative thinking

We can help you to map your Life Design process both personally, and in your working life.  By working with us and using this creative tool, we can help you reach your goals and aspirations in a new and safe way.

This model was created by Becky Wright. The design was created by Barnaby Adams Cuckooo Design Studio.  It was inspired by many threads, it is an archetypal garden. We live in a world where creativity has become organised this image is not a form to be filled in, instead its a creative collaborative process.

This uses a “Creative Inquiry Model” prompted by the images. It starts from the place of not knowing and connects with our deeper places in ourselves. The design creates some holding and containment of the coaching process.

The design is based on our inner world connecting with our life design now and in the future. When working with this model we are working with growth and the unfolding of the newness in the clients life. We are looking at the individuals life and where they need to grow and change. The image represents the clients internal and external garden. 

The image used in Life Design represents the opposites in our life, the rivers which feed and resource us and the tree that stands in the middle represents us in the middle of our world. The garden can take on may forms bridging between our outer and inner world. This shape allows us to work with creativity and the deeper places within ourselves. In coaching we use the image as a place of enquiry to help create the, ‘Life Design.’

If you choose to use this model please mention its roots came from New Leaf Life Design. If you are a therapist who coaches and would like to learn more about using this model please ask us about our training programme.

You can purchase one session of Life Design here for yourself or as a gift. You can also purchase a block of 5 sessions for a 10% reduced price here.

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