Lyn Willcox

MBACP (Accred). UKRCP (Reg). P.G. Dip (Counselling)

Lyn Willcox is our Bridgwater counsellor. Her counselling room is on the Somerset Levels, which makes for an excellent listening environment.

Lyn feels its important that you feel heard and understood.  Transporting yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life to the relaxed atmosphere of the countryside can be really beneficial. She can offer you peace and quiet, time, space and privacy to reflect and think about your life and the issues which concern you.   She works using an integrative model of counselling, this means she uses her knowledge of various therapeutic models during her counselling time with you, this gives her the freedom and flexibility to work in a way which best suits you as an individual.  By working together in a safe and secure environment Lyn believes you can examine what is concerning you and causes you distress.  Together you can identify and understand possible areas to look at more closely.

Lyn’s aim is to assist you to see your life more clearly and to help you make choices and decisions. All Lyn’s work is in compliance with the BACP’s ethical framework and guidelines and she is subject to its complaints procedure. She is a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Pschotherapy) registered counsellor, She is also registered with UKRCP (United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

Lyn is also a counsellor at a college of further education, in addition to this she also works for two charities, the first is called SignHealth who offer counselling to Deaf clients through the use of British Sign Language, the second charity is The Long Boat Home who provide reduced fee counselling to service men/women.

“I was very down but now I’m back to a happy person.”

” My outlook on life I am more positive, more balanced and not so hard on myself, I am able to work out issues and take new skills moving forwards with my life.”

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