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When life becomes busy and demanding you may find yourself craving some calm and relaxation. Simply Meditation is a three-hour course, which aims to teach you how to meditate. We will be posting as soon as possible the next dates.

Meditation is a life skill, which can be easily learnt and practised. This course offers a down to earth approach with practical benefits. Some people find meditation can bring – a clearer and more creative mind, increased effectiveness, clarity of thought, help with sleep, improved health, broader awareness, greater happiness and an inner state of calm.

Becky Wright is the course teacher and started teaching meditation in 1998. Her work led to an eight-year appointment to teach at HMP Shepton Mallet Prison. She now has a vibrant counselling service called New Leaf Counselling, where she combines meditation techniques with counselling to help people with a range of problems and issues.

Becky has made a CD called Simply Meditation has been created suitable for the beginner and for those who wanted to learn meditation but without the usual new age music.

The CD was recorded at Becky’s local sound studio Area Sound Studios UK in Wellington. Becky also sourced local photographers and graphic designers to help create the CD cover and inserts.

Becky has always wanted a CD which she could give to people attending her meditation class and to recommend as something to help with anxiety and stress reduction.

Comments from the workshop held in July 2011

“I had a thoroughly inspiring time at the Simply Meditation Course, the price was very good value considering it will hopefully not be a “one hit wonder ” it’s value will continue on. I feel that it covered the needs that I had i.e stress relief and relaxation. The venue was amazing,so tranquill and natural. As for the food ….totally delicious.” Debbie Taunton.


“I really enjoyed Becky’s meditation workshop.  It was fun, informative and inspiring!  It was an excellent introduction to meditation held in a peaceful, idyllic setting – Highly recommended!” Sarah A Bridgwater.


“The meditation course was held in beautiful tranquil surroundings perfect for the ‘experience’ as it enables you to really focus and withdraw from ‘external’ distractions that could prevent you from learning.


Becky’s delivery of the material was relaxed, nicely paced, and Becky is very approachable, friendly and entertaining.  The meditation examples Becky taught us were easy to understand and it was extremely beneficial that we were allowed to put them into practice in her presence and provided two way feedback.


The meditation learning area provides a comfortable, relaxed interior and seats arranged so that we could interact if we wanted too but didn’t feel the need to if we just wanted to enjoy the ambiance/course material.  There were no awkward or uncomfortable situations which you might expect when sharing this experience with a room of strangers.


The food/refreshments were absolutely delicious and perfect for that setting as it was good wholesome healthy food which was befitting of the occasion


Overall, if this is the first time you have considered attending a course on meditation you will be made to feel very welcome and relaxed and certainly feel the benefits of the learning and support you are given on the day.” Sue B Taunton.


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