New Leaf Coaching Services

You have one opportunity to make the most of your natural born talents — to put energy into life, to take pleasure and rewards from it. Our Personal Coaching and Executive Coaching programmes provide the opportunity to explore what you want from life and identify what you can achieve with personal and professional growth and success.

Whether you are looking for a better balance in your life or a winning edge in business we have coaching programmes tailored to offer a flexible approach — guiding rather than instructing — to help address life’s little, or not so little, challenges.

We provide a non-judgmental and positive environment to help you to get to know yourself better. There are no set rules! We do not provide instruction, but a space for you to open up in confidence and where you can be confident of the right support.

Together we will develop a bespoke action plan to implement positive changes in your life. The approach is structured and designed to put things into perspective, which will make sense of complex information and address any self-limiting beliefs or actions.

New Leaf has two coaches. Both are therapists who coach. We feel this integrated method of coaching means we can use our psychological experience and framework to help offer insights which may not be achieved by a business coach counterpart meaning we work in a more psychological way. We acknowledge that personal, and professional are deeply intertwined in the coaching conversation and we work with the whole of the individual whilst maintaining and focussing on the agreed contract.

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