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In a world of great uncertainty and change we need to understand how to navigate our lives in a way that takes control of our life design. The podcast covers a range of challenges like how to stay grounded, how to let go and still feel safe, how to value our creativity and finding our true nature.

Join Becky Wright on a journey that cuts through the normal cognitive mindful approaches and offers a much deeper way to explore your inner and outer realities using the creative embodied imagination.

New Leaf was born and is based in the heart of the Somerset countryside. Inspired by nature, we are dedicated to the belief that every one of us has the potential to grow and flourish in harmony with ourselves and with those around us. We are committed to the idea that a healthy mind is the key to unlocking the astonishing capacity for joy within us.

We all know that physical exercise is important to our well being, and that we can hone and shape our bodies if we work hard. Equally important though, our minds need to be exercised and cared for in order to be healthy and productive. At New Leaf we offer highly effective podcast programmes for the mind that will help to streamline your thinking, clear out the mental clutter and enable you to live your life to the fullest.

Episode 01


What is Life Design an Introduction – New Leaf New Design

  • Valuing our creativity
  • The value of working creatively
  • Mindfulness or not?
  • How to tend to the flame of creativity

Episode 02


New Leaf New Tree

The Tree – How to anchor – New Leaf New Tree

In episode two I want to introduce you to the most important image which sits at the centre of the Life Design work the tree. At the end of this podcast I will do a more guided process to help you understand this image more.

    • Why a tree
    • Using the tree image
    • Visualisation of the tree both grounding and anchoring

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