Sally Barmes

UKCP registered, MBACP

Sally Barmes is our Yeovil based counsellor. She is a registered psychotherapist and counsellor and has been working in this field since 1996.  She helps clients with issues such as depression and self-esteem, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties with partners, parents and children, panic attacks, stress and anxiety, addiction and eating disorders, trauma, life changes.  She has some specialist knowledge of Asperger’s Syndrome. Having trained as an integrative body psychotherapist, she is also skilled at enabling clients to understand illness and physical pain (real and/or psychosomatic), and how breathing, posture, and movement can affect emotions and vice versa.

Sally uses a variety of methods when she works – listening and talking, dialogue work, visualisation and image-work.  She also incorporates tuition in relaxation and meditation.   Her empathy and intuition enable her to sensitively help each client explore and resolve issues in the way which suits them best personally.  She believes that many of our problems stem from long-term over-adaptation to our external world with not enough attention being paid to the our internal world.  That is,  we have learned to be people-pleasers, or that we long to be liked or fear being disliked.  We may often do things that we do not truly want to, or we may feel driven by an inner judge or critic. Sally helps people to see through this complexity and feel a greater inner contentment.

Sally is registered with UKCP and is also a member of BACP and DACAP.  She receives regular supervision and continues to work on her own self-development, both individually with a therapist and by participating in twice-yearly retreats.  In this way she maintains her own emotional health and professionalism.   She continues to acquire new knowledge and skills by attending training courses and workshops.

Sally adheres to UKCP and CABP (Chiron Association of Body Psychotherapists) ethical guidelines.

Sally’s Qualifications

Sally Barme’s Face to Face Counselling Contract

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