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Imagine how proactive and creative your business would be if your staff consistently performed at their best, both as individuals and as a team. Of course reality doesn’t work like this, nobody is perfect and all of us must face life’s ongoing challenges. As mental health awareness increases, it is clear that there are many things a business CAN DO to nurture positive employee attitude and engagement. Focused support on the evolving needs of each employee organically contributes towards a healthier, happier, more enlivened and motivating culture – in turn serving the business, its customers and stakeholders. If you are a company that would like to encourage this focused support, you may be interested in our Workplace and Mental Health First Aid Training, which we deliver and has been developed by MHFA England.

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Innovative approaches for better Workplace Wellbeing brought to you by New Leaf

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Invest in your greatest asset … your people!

Engaging in one, or all, of our Workplace Wellbeing services allows individual employees, at all levels, to safely explore the issues and blocks that arise for them – those often unconscious problems that prevent us truly giving our best or prevent us simply functioning appropriately in the work environment. Focus is structured in a manner that invites employees to take responsibility and be proactive in bringing positive change to their experience of reality. Common topics include …

Stress at Work
bullying in the workplace
imposter syndrome
Workplace anger counselling New Leaf Becky Wright
family problems
money problems
drug alcohol dependancy
bereavement and loss at work
health and diet
relationship problems

What employers have said...


Petroc has utilised the services and expertise of New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing to deliver Pop-up wellbeing sessions. These bespoke, client centred sessions, providing staff with 1:1 support & guidance, have been well received by staff. The impact has been tangible with staff working through matters, which may have resulted in a prolonged absence from the workplace without intervention.

Sheena Murphy-Collett
Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Petroc

Taunton School has worked in partnership with New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing for a number of years. We have also seen a positive impact on our working environment and I would highly recommend this to any other organisation as a neutral and nurturing space for employees to release anxiety, to find a way forward and to reenergise.

Joanne Davey
HR Director, Taunton School

We were delighted to commission New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing to deliver a series of Pop Up Wellbeing sessions. The feedback from the sessions was extremely positive and staff valued having an outside organisation working in such a supportive way. Staff commented upon the professional delivery and how helpful the strategies shared with them were.

Ethna Bashford
Director of Patient Care,
Somerset Partnership NHS Trust

New Leaf is a ‘Next Stage Organisation’ …

Inspired by the work of Frederic Laloux (author of ‘Reinventing Organizations’) we are developing an organisational structure based on the ‘Next Stage Organisation’ principles of wholeness, evolutionary purpose and organisational self-management. Removing traditional business and employment hierarchy radically changes our dynamics and motivation, allowing for more mutal respect, autonomy, creativity and sustainable growth within the organisation, for the benefit of all. Focused on creative collaboration, New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing is a series of ‘branches’ from which motivated individuals can authentically bring the best of themselves to the world to support the needs of clients whilst benefitting the local community and economy. Our structure is organic, growing within the conditions of the environment, reaching for the light. Each collaboration finds its own space to unfold, to flower, fruit and seed … the tree supports this growth, providing structure and nutrient from which to grow.

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A diagram of a tree with lots of branches showing the many areas of New Leaf Life Design.

… with a green community heart.

The principle upon which New Leaf is founded is one of enabling people to flourish by overcoming the issues that can affect their working life, their relationships, personal well-being and the ability to contribute positively to their work and local community. This is achieved, of course, via the counselling and coaching services we deliver each day directly to individuals. But we strive each year to do more than simply deliver on our promise to our paying clients; our aim is to work in partnership with local groups and individuals to help build local economic, social and environmental sustainability and make a meaningful contribution to the people, organisations and the environment in and around Sedgemoor. In short, all New Leaf’s business practices are designed and delivered with a real and genuine determination to benefit both individual clients, their employer and the wider society within which we operate.

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