Mental Health First Aid Course Testimonials

Very good group, real diversity due to Becky’s leadership this group gelled really well and functioned superbly as a group. Course structure very good, course manual excellent, as was the workbook and especially the ALGEE action plan. Homework easy to follow, quite demanding which was food but two very full days pretty exhausting. It was feasible within the two days , very good time keeping by Becky which was crucial to the smooth running of the course. Group keen to stay in contact and I expect all to put this Certificate of MHFA into practice, most probably in relationship to Agriculture. So in summary, a very well-constructed course, brilliantly led with a great group of people.

Dr Tim Dudgeon


The course was run over Zoom due to the Covid restrictions. Due to Becky’s leadership of the course, I felt that this didn’t detract from the course – we all felt part of a team working together. We covered many topics surrounding Mental Health First Aid. I am now confident that I can approach someone to have the right conversation with them to start the discussion about their possible menta health issues and also to help someone that might be in a crisis situation. Prior to the course I would have worried excessively about saying or doing the wrong thing. The course was delivered at a good pace. It was quite intense over the two days, but I felt it was good to ‘stay in the zone’ rather than spread it across a longer time. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to offer help to others. There should be someone with this qualification in every workplace and organisation.

Sarah-Jane Trask

NFU Mutual

Becky was a fantastic trainer. The course was delivered online which could have been a real challenge given the topic but she put everyone at ease and made sure everyone in the group was heard and listened to in a very supportive and encouraging environment. The content was brilliant with a perfect mix of live learning, breakout groups, online videos and workbook content. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone contemplating doing the course. I really felt empowered to be able to approach the conversation and hopefully preserve life.

Lydia Cox

National Farmers Union.

An absolutely brilliant course which has given me confidence to apply the lessons learnt to a variety of mental health situations. I started from a very low base with no confidence to step in as a mental health first aider and a poor understanding of the different aspects of mental health first aider and a poor understanding of the different aspects of mental health and mental illness. The course has given me a structured approach to providing first aid to a mental health situation and I am looking forward to putting this course into practical use going forwards. The support from Becky as a trainer and all of the other course participants was superb and I now feel that I have a strong support network for the future.

Jenny Rowe

Pat Tomlinson Accountancy Ltd

The course was really informative and extremely well-tailored to the groups specific work needs and to where we were all base which meant it was the more relevant for us as a group – despite most of us working in a variety of jobs across Somerset. The online training was very varied and successfully using a variety of formats to keep us engaged throughout the whole of the two days – which has to be a first for any long online training I’ve been to over the 9 months! The course leader was very knowledgeable, fun, sensitive to the groups needs and a great advocate for mental health work around Somerset – not to mention kefir too! Thanks very much.

Verity Jones

Volunteer Coordinator, Blackdown and Quantock Hills AONB

This course has been a real eye-opener. I have learnt how many everyday practices to mitigate anxiety/stress are actually very detrimental.

Emmanuel Aboagye-Nimo

Nottingham Trent University

Consistent participation was great. This has set us up for confidently approaching mental ill health in the workplace. Becky really was fantastic at instilling confidence when taking on challenging (mental health) situations.

Ritchie Cridge

Somerset Chamber of Commerce

The course was delivered perfectly and was able to understand, which was easy for the information to sink in! I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the group I was in and Becky were amazing. So glad I took the course.

Sharon Andrews

Mercure, Bridgwater

Very informative and well delivered. The time went quickly on both days. The venue was very relaxing and perfect for this type of course.

Lisa Young

Berry Escott

The course was delivered brilliantly by Becky. Interesting and very informative using a variety of media with fully participative exercises. This will be massively helpful when supporting people with mental health issues in the workplace.

Sharon James

Steinhoff Beds

A superb course. Excellent robust materials which cover all the ground. Becky is a top-notch trainer – a fantastic balance of meeting the participants where they are and ensuring that we covered everything that was required. I am recommending this to my clients and colleagues.

Becky, thank you for your delivery of this course 🙂 You: You held the course lightly, made me feel super included/listened to, you responded with real interest and generally made me feel very welcome to be learning with you. I was hesitant before joining about the value add/whether I’d learn anything new/whether i’d feel invested in learning – you brought this teaching to life with warmth and in an engaging way that has left me more likely than not to remember the training and apply it in practice. thank you for teaching me where i am.


Alex Staniforth 

Not only is the course interesting, thorough and covers everything you need to know about mental health it provides you with confidence and knowledge to help you become a successful MHFA. Becky has a fantastic teaching style and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. In these weird and wonderful times the course was adapted perfectly via zoom and I was sad when the course due to end.I absolutely recommend this course to anyone, as well as New Leaf to carry out the training!

I recently attended a Mental Health First Aid Course with New Leaf, run by Becky Wright. The course was run extremely well, pre-course materials were sent out in a timely manner and I was kept updated and informed before and during the course.

The course was run online but with activities to do within your own time,1-2-1 discussions and group led learning, it meant that we weren’t just looking at a screen for two days. The course material was easy to follow and comprehensive.

Becky is an incredibly passionate teacher with vast knowledge and experience which is of huge benefit to those attending her course.

If you haven’t considered becoming a Mental Health First Aider, I would thoroughly recommend that you do, the benefits to you, your family and friends, and your business are profound. I would encourage you to speak with Becky about joining one of her courses.

Together we can make a change.

Rachael Brannagan 

Head of Engagement – Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association

Becky was an excellent instructor who pitched the course at exactly the right level for the group. It was relevant, interesting and thought provoking. I now feel more than equipped to help those that may be in some sort of crisis. Thank you so much.

Rebecca Horsington Somerset Young Farmers Club Organiser

Becky was a fantastic instructor and allowed us time if we needed it. She couldn’t have been better. Thanks Becky.

Joy Davenport Somerset YFC Member 

The course opened my eyes to how mental health can affect so many people in day to day life even without anyone else realising something may be wrong with them. Our trainer Becky was great at talking through all areas relating to mental health and would highly recommend people to do the course.

Will Lawton Somerset YFC Member 

I found the course very interesting and hugely beneficial, MHFA is a vital part of any business and we hope to encourage and grow it within our business. The course is well structured and an excellent environment to learn and share

Tash Salaman

Halstock Cabinet Makers Ltd

The course was very informative in a relaxed way with a friendly and non judgemental group of people. Becky is an excellent trainer and she gave me confidence to listen.

Tracey Sweetland

Charles Sweetland and Sons Ltd

I feel confident going forwards, Becky made everything very clear. I know I have the chance to change lives.

Gerry Reed

G Works

It made me more aware of the different types of anxiety and mental health issues that people face.

Liz Coles

GA Sully & Sons Ltd

Mental Health and Wellbeing has always been a subject close to my heart, taking part in this course will hopefully give me the confidence in helping people that may suffer from Mental Health Issues. A very rewarding course

Gavin Coleman

G Works

A superbly structured and insightful course. Becky delivers tough and challenging subject / content in a very clear and effective way. This course is a must for any company who wants to welcome change.


G Works

The top rating for Becky only goes as far as very good, when she surpasses it. Her knowledge and experience is a fantastic asset to being a trainer and what she can personally bring to the course. Her personal stories strengthen the exercise and gives you a better understanding of what it entails when you hear her first hand experience. It makes you listen and learn and provides a more layman terminology to then proceed and understand the text. It was so informative and really interesting and although the online structure was interesting and provided you with knowledge, the live sessions were the most useful and helpful and gave you more confidence as you were with others and worked as a group. Reiterating that ‘no question is too silly’ was a great help as with anything that you don’t have knowledge on, does cause you to hold back on speaking out as you dont want to appear ‘silly’ in front of your peers. Becky did an amazing job of holding are interest as it cant have been easy online, but the content and delivery was excellent and she is a great ambassador for MHFA England/New Leaf.Thank you so much for the opportunity to gain the confidence and understanding which I hope will be able to provide my colleagues with the support and guidance that they may need at some point in their life.Keep up the brilliant work and thank you again

Denise Denise De-Gier
Financial Controller SCP

Great course with lots of helpful information. This course has changed my understanding and knowledge of mental health and the stigma related to it. I feel i would be able to offer support to someone if needed. Thank you Becky for delivering a great course.

Nicola Westerman

Site Administration  Balfour Beatty

My overall experience in the last 2 days has been fantastic, I have really enjoyed this course full of great information and delivered brilliantly by Becky. I would like thank beck for her professionalism and support throughout the course.

Mark Riley​

Civils Craftsman AMCO – GIFFEN

Becky is a fantastic instructor and made me feel very comfortable during the course, thanks.

Michael Brett

General Foreman


Becky was incredibly understanding and supportive throughout the entire course. The course can be a little emotionally draining so the right instructor is crucial to staying focused and grounded. I would recommend this to anyone who has the opportunity to do it!

Baraa Abdulkarim


I am 29 years old and I serve in the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Engineering Technician, my experience on the course was fantastic! The course offers individuals a knowledge and understanding of Mental Health and how they can support someone as a First Aider in different situations. Talking about previous experiences, learning techniques, easy to remember acronyms and gaining the confidence to be able to support. You do not need any previous knowledge of Mental Health as the course welcomes anyone with the right attitude and the ability to learn. Looking forward knowing that I have gained this new knowledge along with 10 other people we add to a group of 269 members who are all making positive steps to be involved with Mental Health.

Cameron Ross

Royal Navy Aircraft Engineering Technician

I found this course so interesting and learnt so much. Becky, the instructor, was so good at delivering the information, and explained everything so well. I am really looking forward to helping people with mental health problems now, and feel I am 100% more equipped to do this after this course.

Amanda Stoodley


I have had an amazing opportunity to become a MHFA . With the help of Becky Wright as a trainer, the experience I have taken away is as rewarding as new group of people I have been in training with. As a trainer Becky is knowledgeable and relaxing, the course is challenging and intense but Becky pulls the best from the group choosing the right speed and momentum to get the best from each person, turning the group into a team.

Chris Copeland


It was a very interesting course, very well presented. I think everybody should have an understanding of mental health because mental health effects lots of people. Even though the course was on zoom, I felt it was very interactive and everyone was included. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you Becky.

Steve Clark

Lew Techniques Ltd

The two days was enjoyable throughout, I knew some of the team but got to know some new people and I do feel we will get in touch and see how we are all getting on in the future. Becky was so easy to listen too and she engaged brilliantly throughout both days. I have always had a love of well-being to others and wanting to help people, with the help of the knowledge Becky has given me, I feel I can now build this with more confidence.Thank you Becky.

Claire Scott


I came onto this course to gain better understanding of how I can help people. In the 2 day course I have learnt so much from Becky and from the resources that have been provided. I feel confident in being able to use my Mental Health First Aid qualification. A big thank you to Becky for making it a comfortable and safe environment which helped me open up about my own experiences to share with others.

Mickey Cole

Riverford Organics

I enjoyed attending the course. My knowledge of mental heath issues has grown remarkably. My Instructor was open, friendly and more than willing to share her knowledge. Becky was patient and happy to explain anything I didn’t quite understand. Becky also showed an amazing empathy with the delegates and guided us through the course with care and patience. I am looking forward the being able to support my colleagues with confidence.

Deborah Phillip

Riverford Organics

Fantastic course, can be very intense but with excellent outcomes. I feel I have the ability to approach and administer 1st aid with a far more confident manner and I have the ability to highlight supports available to people you are not alone and help is available.

Ben Wyatt

Riverford Organics

This course was set at the right level of depth, at a comfortable pace, and with a group size that allowed us all to participate freely,  but also in confidence of our confidentiality. Becky was calm, patient, informative and very genuine in her approach; going above and beyond by offering her support to some of the delegates on the call outside of our working group, just because she cared enough to do so.

I now feel equipped to start conversations that I would have avoided previously, and understand that as a MHFA I will play an important role within our business to support and protect the mental health and wellbeing of those around me.

Thank you Becky

Lucy Rose

Regional Sales and Talent Manager The Body Shop

I was really honoured to be given the opportunity to attend the course but was apprehensive as such an emotive subject I feared virtually it wouldn’t transfer as well and I would not feel as connected as completing in person.Becky was calm, considered and engaging in her communication style and I was quickly put at ease and felt comfortable sharing and engaging actively in the presentations. While there was a lot of content I believe the pace and timings worked exceptionally well and felt confident in the support available in completing from Becky. I feel empowered to support my team in MHFA as well as my friends & family and can see clearly how I can end put my training to good use as a befriender for elderly people. I feel confident in my gained knowledge and also have some great tools to reference and use as support ongoing.

Thank you so much for a great course Becky.

Katie Johnston

The Body Shop

An excellent course, though there was a large range of topics to cover, the course pace was excellent, the material varied to allow different learners to absorb the material and the course well structured and presented. Whether new to Mental Health, or with some existing experience, this course seemed to have something for everyone and I’d highly recommend anyone to attend to gain a better understanding of Mental Health and well being.

Brett Phillips

Obelisk UK


Becky Wright and the team at New Leaf were fantastic from start to end. They conducted them self’s with the utmost professionalism in all aspects prior to starting the course with all the correct links and literature received in a timely manner. The overall subject and content was delivered in a manner that made it easy to retain and learn with a great balance of interactive activities and breakout rooms. Becky made the whole group feel at ease when delivering what I believe to be a difficult and sometimes very close to home subject. I would highly recommend Becky and her team to deliver the MHFA course to any of my professional colleagues and to members of my family to further increase our understanding of the Mental Health ‘stigma’ and conditions that we can all be exposed to.

Adam Matthews

Royal Navy

I think the course was well run and brilliant content and explanation. It had a variety and good content to show the different types of mental health. I would recommend this course.

Paul Whitcombe


The course was fantastic! It was full of theory and plenty of practical to really get to grips with how to support someone during a mental health crisis. Becky’s knowledge, delivery and approach to including everyone within the session was second to none. The environment that she created meant that everyone was able to contribute and share as much as they wanted, whilst feeling comfortable and heard throughout. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Mental Health and develop the skills necessary to support – but I would particularly recommend doing the course with Becky in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and for making such a challenging subject engaging and enjoyable.

Kim Johnson

Obelisk Networks (UK) Limited

This course has opened my eyes to the urgency of the Mental Health Crisis and what I as an individual can do to raise awareness. Similar to the many Medical First Aid courses I have done this Mental Health First Aid course provided me with the concepts, approaches and actions appropriate when I face someone experiencing a Mental Health Crisis. The delivery and the material were outstanding and very in-depth. I would recommend this course to any manager, leader, teacher, parent and coach.

Khaled Alwassia

Executive & Leadership Coach

Mental Health First Aid Course Testimonials

Counselling Feedback

I have Increased self awareness and understanding of behaviour patterns. Concrete practical strategies to improve my well being.

Counselling has helped me be able to confidently talk things through, to be listened to and come away with strategies to put in place to help me

I have spent time looking inward that this has enabled me to look outwards and upwards – thank you

I have improved resistance to racing ahead. Living in the moment more now.

I have learnt to let go of things

I am able to rationalise aspects of my life better

I am a stronger and more level headed person. I now deal with problems in a calmer, more methodical way where as a year or two ago the same problem would have crushed me. Thank you.

I am more confident I have more tools to deal with stressful situations , kinder to myself.