There has never been a more stressful time than there is today so at New Leaf, we wanted to bring you some practical tools to help you relax, overcome anxieties and help with your well-being.

All these recordings are free to listen to and download. Please feel free to pass them on to others you think may benefit by listening to them, and taking a bit of ‘me-time’.

simply meditation
Embody Motivation


When life becomes busy and demanding you may find yourself craving some calm and gentle relaxation time. Simply Meditation is a recording, which will teach you how to meditate and pull some of that inner calm back into your life again.

Meditation is a life skill, which is easy to learn and with practice brings great benefits. Some people find meditation brings a clearer and more creative mind. Others report it increases their effectiveness, helps them to sleep, improves health and brings greater happiness and an inner state of calm. This recording offers a down to earth approach to help you gain those practical benefits. I recommend that you don’t eat just before or just after meditation and please do not listen to this recording whilst driving.


In everyday English, we often use the words intention and motivation as if they mean the same thing, but there’s an important difference.

Our motivation to do something is the reason, or reasons, behind an action. It is the source of our desire and gives us the drive to do something. Simply put, motivation is what turns us on.

On the other hand, our good intentions set the tone for the change we want to make. The missing ingredient however is often willpower.

In today’s society most willpower is introduced as adrenaline-fuelled willpower which, in my experience, soon burns out and becomes hard to sustain and so we fail; we run out of steam and give up.

I want to offer you a different option. Our will is where our power lies. When we combine our will and our intention with our personal power we become more connected and so can sustain what we want to achieve.

This recording aims to help you do just this.

Embody Weight Loss Focus in
Embody Weight Loss - Feel In

Embody Weight Loss ‘Focus In’

I believe if you want to lose weight, the place to start, isn’t with your mind, but with your body.

Many weight loss programmes sell you an idealised image of how you can become.  It is in this moment that we mentally separate from ourselves and imagine how we want to be, and whilst this may feel exciting at that moment, this feeling often fades quickly as the pathway between reality, the here and now, and your future body, begins to feel too far apart. You are not imagining how you would look – you are picturing an ideal, so this separation can quickly cause us to lose motivation, become resistant and fall into old patterns of behaviour. We start making excuses about why we can’t get there; we start sabotaging the process.

This recording is different; it starts from a place of ‘possibility’ – what might YOU look like if you lost weight? To facilitate change we need to be able to see and feel both our physical, here and now body, and, the future image of our new self.  We need to be conscious of the small place in ourselves where we feel the resistance building, where we begin our self-sabotage, and we need to use our imagination to create a bridge between our existing self and our new thinner self. We need to build that bridge that will confidently carry us over.

This recording is best used alongside a healthy eating and exercise programme to maximise its effects.

Embody Weight Loss “Feel In”

Many of us, who struggle with our weight, also have emotional problems which lead to comfort eating.  This comfort eating is triggered by our body because of these emotional problems.

Emotional distress creates stress within us and our clever bodies release two very powerful stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, to help us react quickly to a perceived situation. When the body produces these hormones our blood sugar levels drop. This happens as sugar stores are released to give us immediate energy to fight or flight the problem our body believes we are facing. This is an instinct that remains with us and whilst this is useful to us short term, keeping our bodies in this state 24/7 means that we have excessive cortisol present.

This is why we have produced this recording. It will help you to relax. It will guide you; helping you to understand how to feel and process your emotions.

This recording is best used alongside a healthy eating and exercise programme to maximise its effects.