Heart-sink to heart-sync

“Can I have a quiet chat?” …  Often HR managers cringe when they hear these words, worrying they’ll say the wrong thing or make the situation worse, especially when time is against them.

New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing can offer HR Managers support to help move from heart-sink to heart-sync, so you can engage whole-heartedly, confident you have the skills and support needed to deliver all that’s expected from you by both the employees and your employer.

No matter the industry or focus, businesses are comprised of human beings who have thoughts, feelings, experiences, hopes and dreams. There are many mental health issues that can arise, are often interconnected, and require specific support from trained professionals to be better experienced.

New Leaf has a wonderful team of highly trained professionals who know how to work with your employees to help them and your business flourish. Visit our services page to find out more.

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imposter syndrome
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