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Most of us will openly admit to feeling some anxiety at work and assume that it’s just part of the job, but for some it’s more serious than that. Anxiety can become so overwhelming that it can haunt a person’s working live, limiting their career aspirations or dramatically cutting short a career. It’s important to identify when anxiety at work crosses the line from being an occasional experience, to a real, everyday problem that will affect physical health and overshadow a person’s life.

The latest figures from the Health & Safety Executive(1) show that almost half a million (488,000) of us are dealing with work related stress, depression or anxiety, resulting in 11.7 million sick days or an average of 23.9 days per person. These numbers only relate to those who have taken some form of action to address their anxiety, and doesn’t account for the many more who haven’t.

Some people experience somatic anxiety. This is the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as butterflies in the stomach. It is commonly contrasted with cognitive anxiety, which is the mental manifestations of anxiety, or the specific thought processes that occur during anxiety, such as concern or worry.

We can provide some specific free downloads to help employees with anxiety on a physical level, and our range of Workplace Wellbeing services can help with anxiety.

    1. Health & Safety Executive – Work related Stress, Anxiety and Depression Statistics in Great Britain 2016

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