HR Support / PTSD

If a person has been involved in, or witnessed a particularly serious event, trauma or accident they may develop symptoms that are associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms can develop in a number of ways after the incident and may include:

    • Feelings of helplessness
    • Feelings of intense fear
    • Feelings of distress
    • Feelings of vulnerability
    • Flashbacks of the incident
    • Inability to stop talking about an event
    • Recurring nightmares

These symptoms may be evident immediately after the incident, however they may occur months or even years later, with serious impact on wellbeing. Post Traumatic Stress can affect self-esteem and relationships with other people.

New Leaf offer Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) Counselling which can be useful in these cases – anything from a minor accident to a major disaster. We have much experience working with the Military and Community and Probation service helping individuals work towards positive outcomes.

This type of counselling is particularly beneficial for survivors, victims, rescuers and helpers involved in
many types of dramatic/traumatic incident.

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