Bereavement Counselling, Somerset

When someone close to you dies, it can be devastating. You may be overwhelmed with grief, anger, guilt – so many emotions it can be frightening.

Even with helpful and supportive family or friends it can be hard to cope, and sometimes other people don’t know what to say or old family difficulties resurface. I wanted to make sure at New Leaf we were able to offer the Bereavement Counselling service in Somerset.

We have teamed up with a local undertaker who is a specialist in green funerals called Oak Funeral Services. Their green ethical values and importance on building relationships sits well within our own ethos.

I have just learnt that there is currently there is no entitlement to paid leave from work – even following a child’s death. The poll, conducted for the Change Bereavement Leave campaign, showed 71% of the 1,508 people questioned thought the law should be changed. Read more here. The government would like 4 weeks paid leave for bereavement allowing parents time to grieve, although its recognised for some a return to work and normality might one way to cope with a personal tragedy.

Our trained, experienced and qualified counsellors can help support you through bereavement. Please do get in touch call Becky 07590684888 or email [email protected]

Other useful numbers CRUISE Somerset  01458 898211 [email protected]