Bringing the Military and Business Community Together through Mental Health

In August 2019 I started to hatch a plan to bring the Military and Business Community together as part of my Armed Forces Covenant Commitment.

Military Business Mental Health First AidWith the help and support of Rachael Brannagan the Regional Employer Engagement Director for Wessex Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. We started to advertise six free places available to Veterans, Service Leavers, Reserves or Spouses as part of our Armed Forces Covenant commitment. 

The course is a great leveller, you attend and bring all of yourself present into the training. You listen and learn from each other, their life stories enrich your own experience its as if opposite ends of the cultural, ideological or socioeconomic spectrum fade and we are reminded of our shared humanity despite difference of our circumstances

“Becky, This was a fantastic course, I now feel confident as a new mental health first aider, it was really good to attend this course alongside civilians, it gave such a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge from the various people who attended the course.” Nicola Edwards

“I think it was so helpful to mix civilian with military as it showed different mind sets and shared unique experiences.” Course participant

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I already had some knowledge of, and interest in, mental health having ran my own Bereavement support group for some years. I found the course increased my knowledge and understanding, and I know the things I have learnt will be invaluable within the workplace. I enjoyed the mix of both military personnel, their families and the local business community. It was nice to have such an integration.”

“Fantastically well delivered course with a good mix of activities to help absorb the information given.“ Val Sutherland

“Becky is an outstanding instructor. She gets the “big picture“ and has worked exceptionally hard in terms of connecting businesses with the military community. She is making a real difference and as such should be fully supported by the Defence Community. Mental health is the big issue of the day and must take the priority in terms of raising awareness, which Becky has made it her personal mission to up the profile of this devastating illness.”  Lt Col Retd Guy Benson Military Civil Integration Programme Lead Wiltshire Council

“Consistent participation was great. This has set us up for confidently approaching mental ill health in the workplace. Becky really was fantastic at instilling confidence when taking on challenging (mental health) situations.”

Ritchie Cridge, Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

“This course in absolutely brilliant, very enjoyable, informative and certainly teaches MHFA. Good to mix military and civilian together.”

“A very informative course. I already had some understanding and interest in mental health issues, and this course has broadened my understanding and increased my confidence.” Thanks.

“Very good. Excellent delivery beefed up with relevant practice and knowledge.”

“This course has been a real eye-opener. I have learnt how many everyday practices to mitigate anxiety/stress are actually very detrimental.”

Emmanuel Aboagye-Nimo

“I really enjoyed the course and I think the mix of military and business worked really well. Becky, I was really impressed by the course but more so with your teaching of it, friendly, approachable, always encouraging group participation, with firm but fair guidelines.” Thanks you!

We plan to take this further watch this space.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) has been developed by MHFA England, whose mission is to increase mental health awareness literacy and reduce the stigma associated with mental ill health. MHFA England has allowed Becky Wright, New Leaf’s founder, to deliver Workplace MHFA training. If you want to book on the next course see page

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