Business Leader Stress can Counselling help?

Executive and business counselling with New Leaf Life Design

Being the CEO of a company or director of your own business can be a lonely job. You need to have the agility and innovation that will keep people both inspired and motivated through tough times. There can often be pressure to make decisions quickly and keep up with the pace of life, change, technology and growing expectations.  You’ve also got to be tough and resilient – it can be unpleasant when you’re driving change – and personally, you’ve got to be very resilient. So how can counselling help?

I am a qualified counsellor who also works as a coach, I can provide a safe place to vent and talk about pressing work problems or life problems that are impacting upon work performance. The feedback I have received from CEOs and business leaders is the enormous benefit of being able to talk through their true feelings and develop emotional resilience.

Many clients are balancing work commitments and high performance with their own life transition, i.e. divorce, separation, health issues and caring for family members etc.

Time pressure and high stress levels can, and do, often impact negatively on judgement and clear thinking and on top of this they are being asked to be innovative.

Business Leader Stress can Counselling help?

It can be challenging to get partners and friends to understand or fear sharing issues with colleagues incase it can derail their career opportunity.

As a therapist / coach I can help clients work with both their inner and outer world. This process can be very powerful in helping to gain clarity and understanding the dynamics and personal patterns that can often be acted out in the workplace.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have felt challenged to drill down into what has left me to my current position and state proactive steps to self improvement.”

Some of my clients just book a ‘check in,’ to talk issues through. Some want to use the coaching aspect of my work to help grow their personal confidence and performance in the business and company and navigate a way forwards.

“I found the coaching programme empowering and enabling. I approach my work with a stronger sense of purpose, working through difficult tasks to ad hoc in a logical and structured way.” Both quotes taken from evaluation report

I have noticed how the more positive and healthy a leaders internal world is can then be reflected in their trust and confidence with employees, colleagues and key external relationships. It helps them develop more authentic relationships with others and in my eyes the process of leadership becomes more authentic. This is very much the age of transparency and scrutiny.  Our authenticity and true passion can only thrive when we feel we have the internal capacity to nurture this growth. Counselling and coaching can support this aspect to survive and more importantly thrive.

“When I undertook the coaching  through New Leaf, I was experiencing very challenging demands in my workload. Becky helped me to clear some of that fog and move away from the headless chicken role.” Report 2011

New Leaf Life Design has a range of counsellors some of which are also coaches. Its this combination which makes our services both unique and highly effective. If you are interested in investing in this personal and professional development then call Becky Wright on 07590 684888

“It  gave me a chance to show any insecurities I had in a safe environment where I wasn’t  judged. Becky assisted me in setting realistic goals to improve my working life and to do my job to the best of my ability.” Report 2011 two year evaluation.