Collaborate to Innovate Training Somerset


With more uncertainty and unpredictability in the world, people and organisations are arguably facing the biggest challenges to the way they work that they have faced for decades.

Future workplaces will require, shared decision making, sustainable leadership, community engagement, faster communication and active citizenship as their key priorities. What will this mean for leadership and organisations especially within the creative industries?

How do we bridge the change – in a way that embraces it and makes the most of its potential?

Here is a video showing clips from testimonials and the training in action explaining what we achieved with the collaborate to innovate training. Video Link

This project aims to kick-start development of a collaborative business model which will enable business to form sustainable and productive collaborations, helping business respond to economic pressures. The initial pilot was 25% funded by Somerset County Council Creative Industries Development Funding.

What you will get out of this?

Through the knowledge gained on this workshop you will have improved access to the collaborative opportunities offered by working across different sectors. You will have both the personal and practical tools and skills needed to build collaborative relationships that we know are more likely to succeed.

You will also have the opportunity to work with other professionals and see how an inspiring and new generation of partnerships between business can emerge.

More specifically:

  • Simply by participating in the workshops, you will establish a network of people who are, by definition, genuinely interested in collaboration
  • This will be a multi-sector group, enabling people both within and beyond the creative industries to tap into each other’s creativity and commercial worlds, to mutual benefit
  • The course materials include an invaluable checklist / questionnaire on key commercial and legal issues to be considered when forming a collaboration – directly saving you time and cost when formalising a collaborative relationship
  • You will gain a clear understanding of what collaboration actually looks like
  • You will establish why collaboration might be beneficial to you / your organisation
  • Most importantly, you will gain practical, hands-on experience of how to collaborate, a skillset which is much in demand, and can therefore help you advance both your organisational and personal / career achievements

What we aim to do

We will offer a programme of three workshops in total, with one cohort of participants benefitting from all three workshops.

This project will bring together a group of collaborators who will experience and develop a practical, proven 5-stage collaborative business framework.

What makes this different to what else is on offer

Some offerings promise to unlock your creative potential or kick-start the innovative process. Some courses offer a team-building experience. And you can, of course, either choose to risk a DIY approach or pay for legal advice to implement any collaborative initiative you may have in mind. However, what this course offers is an all-in-one opportunity to:

  • Understand and overcome our innate personal barriers to effective collaboration
  • Experience a proven, practical model for delivering successful collaborations across a wide range of different sectors and business types
  • Prime your ideas for successful implementation by addressing (and de-mystifying) the legal aspects from the outset – accessing expert legal advice during the course itself, and substantially reducing the costs of collaboration without sacrificing legal certainty

The thinking behind this course is that none of these things (our personal approach, the practical context and the legal aspects) exists in a vacuum, so why should they be dealt with separately? This is about real-world collaboration, and bridging the gap between theory and making it happen. And did we mention that it’s free?!

Regardless of whether you call it teamwork, collaboration or consensus-building, we need it, and we need it now. The trainers share a vision that you will leave this training experience knowing that you will be making a start on changing the way people personally feel about collaborating and the way business can create lasting collaborative partnerships within a safe and workable legal framework. You will be helping to plant a seed which will make a change in Somerset which is long overdue.