Collaboration and Innovation with New Leaf Life Design

Collaborate to Innovate Project SomersetNew Leaf New Year. What can we hope for in 2013? We have been very busy looking at ways to work more collaboratively with others. Sharing resources, joint tendering services and finding more innovative ways to support other business so we can grow stronger together.

I realise that in 2013 we can no longer continue to hope that we can just carry on and business will overcome this temporary wedge of an economic crisis. I see a huge change of mindset needed. I am launching with my New Leafer Jeanette Western and Al Goodwin from Foot Anstey the opportunity to be part of some Collaborate to Innovate Training it starts on 21st February.

What makes this different to what else is on offer

Some offerings promise to unlock your creative potential or kick-start the innovative process. Some courses offer a team-building experience. And you can, of course, either choose to risk a DIY approach or pay for legal advice to implement any collaborative initiative you may have in mind. However, what this course offers is an all-in-one opportunity to:

  • Understand and overcome our innate personal barriers to effective collaboration
  • Experience a proven, practical model for delivering successful collaborations across a wide range of different sectors and business types
  • Prime your ideas for successful implementation by addressing (and de-mystifying) the legal aspectsfrom the outset – accessing expert legal advice during the course itself, and substantially reducing the costs of collaboration without sacrificing legal certainty

The thinking behind this course is that none of these things (our personal approach, the practical context and the legal aspects) exists in a vacuum, so why should they be dealt with separately? This is about real-world collaboration, and bridging the gap between theory and making it happen. And did we mention that it’s free?!

Regardless of whether you call it teamwork, collaboration or consensus-building, we need it, and we need it now. The trainers share a vision that you will leave this training experience knowing that you will be making a start on changing the way people personally feel about collaborating and the way business can create lasting collaborative partnerships within a safe and workable legal framework. You will be helping to plant a seed which will make a change in Somerset which is long overdue.

You will be asked to attend all three workshops from 10am till 1pm.

Training Venue – Foot Anstey, Blackbrook Business Park, Taunton 


You can make an expression of interest to join here. Further details of this training can be located here on our website dedicated to the course information.