Counselling Evaluations 2013/ 2014

Each year we ask clients to complete a counselling evaluation after they have completed their sessions with us. As part of our Responsible 100 Business promise we publish all the results and comments with the clients permission. From 74 completed evaluations it makes very positive reading.

92% found the sessions very useful with 8% rating them as good and 76% said they were very satisfied with the counselling and 24% said satisfied. We had no unsatisfied clients.

100% said they would recommend our counselling service to a friend. 100% rated the sessions very useful and useful. Nobody found them average or unhelpful!. A BIG thank you to all our clients that took part and for our wonderful team of counsellors who are doing such brilliant work.

Counselling Evaluations 2013/ 2014 New Leaf Life Design

Counselling Evaluations 2013/ 2014 New Leaf Life Design






New Leaf Counselling Evaluations: SummarySample of what clients have found useful

“I feel the session shave answered the immediate questions of a recent crisis and given me more generally, strategies for coping.”

“Allowing me to have the space to be myself in a safe and non-judgemental environment to provide some clarity through a very difficult time.”

“Becky’s ability to turn a confusing mass of horrible stressful events and issues into a manageable entity which she then gives me strategies to tackle. Becky’s warmth. The sense she believes in me. She is on my side.”

Sample selection of what has changed

“I am back in control and can see that I can’t manage everything on my own.”

“I feel better about myself and much happier.”

“It has improved my coping strategies and also my confidence to deal with difficulties.”

“I feel a lot happier at work which is why I opted for counselling. Also, it has made me look at work/life in a different way which has made me try to improve how I work and how to deal with issues positively and effectively.”

“Counselling has helped me breakdown the issues into management pieces. It has helped me rationalise my thoughts and focus on resolving major issues. It has helped me to look at issues from different perspectives and to understand problems.”

“I feel in a better place mentally, stronger and more positive.”

“I have become much more detached from the issues that stressed me. I have made a positive decision to change career. This makes me happy.”

“I am 50 years old and my self-esteem and confidence is the best it’s even been. I can deal with everyday stresses, came off anti-depressant tablets, speak in meetings. Choosing to wear bright colours. Can now say ‘no’. No panic attacks.”

“It came at a time when I had been feeling stuck. The counselling help I received was very affirming and supportive but also insightful. The timing was just right. I feel ready to move forward now.”

“I communicate with my wife a lot more. And with other family members.”

Some other comments

“This was a really lovely and very helpful service for me. It’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent on my self-development.”

“I couldn’t be where I am in life now without the help and support Lyn has given me – very grateful.”

“My counsellor, Becky Wright, was excellent. I was initially nervous to go. She made me feel very comfortable and I benefited from the strategies she presented which I feel has made a positive impact on my work and my life outside work.”

“I was not sure what to expect from counselling but found it to be a rewarding and enlightening experience.”

“I’ve had counselling before which in my mind was the stereotypical counselling. This counselling felt fresh and modern and I trusted Becky completely.”

Suggestions for improvement

  • To complete the evaluation online
  • Not as expensive
  • An element of written exercises
  • More sessions
  • A drink/water (three people mentioned refreshments)
  • More structured
  • Weekly sessions (two people suggested this)
  • A recommended reading list for the end of the therapy.
  • “The sessions could have been more direct and challenging.”