Evaluation Results of New Leaf Counselling Service

From the New Leaf Evaluations completed by 135 people 93% felt that their overall reactions to the sessions were very good, whilst 6% rated them as good.  91% felt the sessions had been very useful with 9% saying they were useful.  100% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they had received.

All 100% of the respondents agreed that they would recommend New Leaf’s services to a friend. 

Evaluation Results New Leaf 2016

Here is a selection of the most recent feedback from our evaluation.

Q.5 How could the counselling sessions have been improved?

‘There is no way in which they could, they suited me perfectly’

‘More sessions possibly, spread over a longer period”

‘Longer / more sessions funded by my employer’

‘Perhaps 90 minute sessions may have been better’

‘Cant think of anything except carry on forever!’

‘This was my first time and felt the sessions were excellent’

‘I can’t think of anything that could have been better’

Q.6 What has been the most useful thing about the counselling?

‘My ability to recognise emotional responses and learning to deal with them more appropriately ‘

‘Learning to deal with issues, putting what matters at the top’

‘Wakes you up to yourself so you can change’

‘Understanding of my own feelings and techniques to use to be more assertive and manage internal reactions, understanding myself and actions’

‘Understanding I can control my reactions to what happens around me.’

‘I understand my thought process better’

‘Having the chance to talk to someone who understands and can help me to make positive changes’

‘Being able to move on from my past and look at things in a different way’

‘Being made to see things form new angles.  I liked being given practical tips and techniques to help manage my anxiety’

‘Able to talk about issues and look at methods to help with certain feelings and situations in the future’

Q.7 Can you name anything that has changed for you since receiving the counselling?

‘Everything!  My confidence, ability to ‘cope’ and to manage my feelings’

‘Learning to deal with issues, not letting things get to me and learning to back off from bad situations’

‘My whole life!’

‘It has helped me realise that it is OK to occasionally say no.  Looking at a broader range of job opportunities’

‘Trying to understand and deal with any problems when they happen’

‘I can manage my stress better’

‘No more nightmares.  Feeling much more positive about myself and about life.’

‘My life is more enjoyable and my kids will benefit from me being a better person’

‘Everything has changed, I feel more confident in my own abilities to cope with future stress’

‘More confident in managing certain situations’

Any other comments

‘Thank you Becky for helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life and giving me new skills’

‘I felt comfortable speaking openly and honestly, the sessions have helped.  I might consider going back if I feel I need to’

‘Thank you so much for all your help.  I am a different person due to your counselling.  Hopefully a happier, better and more enlightened person?  Thank you’

‘Becky, this has been extremely helpful and I appreciate that you have been non judgemental, but supportive in ideas to make change.  I am going to try and speak to Kris Brown to have some additional sessions as I feel I will need them.’

‘Thank for your help, I still use the meditation CD and the breathing technique in stressful’

Thank you to all our clients who contributed to our evaluations we value all you have said.