Knowing Yourself and Detoxing the Mind

Knowing Yourself And Detoxing Your Mind

Knowing Yourself and Detoxing the Mind Our minds are cluttered; we spend all our time going through a checklist of things to do. How about taking time out to learn to use your mind more efficiently – it is our most powerful asset, both in the work place and at home.

This talk will offer practical exercises for both detoxing the mind and starting to develop the mindful awareness central to getting to know yourself better, and making a start on the life redesign process.

This talk I’ve given mainly in the workplace to employees who want some help in detoxing their mind and to try and think differently about themselves and those around them.

This talk was filmed with a live audience with full permission to be used. Here is the handout which goes along with the talk. KNOWING YOURSELF and The The Mind Detox

Hosted and copyright by Becky Wright. Filmed by Dan Gale.

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