NHS Workplace Coaching another success story

The NHS workplace coaching programme has produced positive results across all areas of the year three evaluation.

Once again workplace and personal development have been supported and significantly enhanced by using a widely praised one-to-one ‘tailor made’ approach developed by Becky Wright at New Leaf Life Design. It could offer benefits not just to individuals to but to organisations as a whole should it be rolled out more widely.

New Leaf Life Design has just completed three years of delivering Workplace Coaching to Whittington Health, formerly NHS Islington (NHSI).  It seems clear that participants enter the programme with low levels of confidence and negative attitudes to they’re working environment and the pressure this puts upon their work life balance. Staff who participated are now much more positive about their work, career and the opportunities they have within it. This is reflected in the managers’ feedback, which shows that managers continue to believe that the coaching programme resulted in significantly more motivated staff.

Here are some participants comments on the impact they feel the coaching has had on their working life.

“Has helped me feel more confident as a team lead”

“Because I have more structure I am able to get things done within appropriate time frames”

“I have been able to respond to a change in management, with subsequent additional duties, in a positive manner”

“I am a more effective team leader”.

Results also showed that 100% were satisfied with the coaching experience (same as 2010 and the 2009 pilot) and 100% would recommend the experience to a colleague (same as 2010 and the 2009 pilot)

Despite the lower rate of returns with managers feedback, the response to the programme and its impact on participant’s working lives was positive. Managers continue to see real benefits against all outcomes, with the greatest improvement in areas such as, leadership, motivation, decision making and target setting.

On the evaluation form, managers were asked specifically about any improved management skills:

“I believe the participant has gained confidence to lead her own independent team in the future”

The participant is in a new chapter in her professional and personal life and the Coaching Programme has definitely supported this transformation”

“The participant talked of changes she wants to implement — and working with another team to ensure teams work together”

At the end of the 2010 Programme, contact was made with those benefitting from the coaching in the 2009 Pilot to assess the lasting effect of the sessions with a Workplace Coach and the results were overwhelmingly positive. (See Valuing Staff Well-being 2011.)

Although there were no resources to undertake a two-year follow-up there is no evidence to suggest that similar results would not be achieved.

Becky Wright Workplace Coach said,  “I am delighted to see the analysis does illustrate that workplace coaching can increase staff motivation and potentially increase innovation, creativity, confidence and leadership even in these uncertain and challenging times. All participants worked very hard in achieving their goals and were an inspiration to work with.”

We would like to thank all of the participants who have taken part in this three year programme and to Whittington Health and NHS Islington for fundNHS Workplace Coaching another success storying this work and especialy the help of Mike Veale without whom this would not have taken place.

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